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DSU Instructor Angela Behrends’ artwork purchased for Washington Pavilion Permanent Collection

April 29, 2014

Angela Behrends created Ascension II for her solo exhibit, Front, at the Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center (VAC) in 2012. David Merhib, Director of the VAC, requested that the artwork hang at the newly designed entrance to the Visual Arts Center (construction begins in May).

This year Behrends donated Ascension II to the VAC for their fundraising event, Arts Night 2014. A condition of the sale is that the new owner of the piece either donate it to the Washington Pavilion’s permanent collection or place it on permanent loan to the institution.

Ascension II, consisting of three large branches and white feathers dangling from strings, was assembled in Gallery A at the VAC, where Behrends installed it and then exhibited it from June until August, 2012. “It was born here, and the Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center is the only place this piece has ever lived, so I am very happy that it will have a permanent home here,” Behrends said. She added, “Ascension II was designed to lift people’s eyes and to lift their spirits. I think it will do a good job of welcoming them to the art museum."

Arts Night 2014 is a dinner and art auction to benefit the Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center, happening May 3rd from 5:30 until 10:00 p.m. at the Pavilion.