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DSU President Griffiths Appointed by U.S. Commerce Secretary to Key Advisory Board

September 29, 2016

Dr. José-Marie Griffiths, president of Dakota State University, has for the fourth time been appointed to the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Advisory Board by the Secretary of the U.S. Commerce Department, Penny Pritzker. This is Griffiths’ 4th appointment with the Board. Her first appointment was in 2007, and she has served on the advisory board at the request of each of the three different Commerce Secretaries who have filled the post since 2007. This new appointment extends Griffiths position on the Board through 2019.

Since its founding in the early 1960s, NTIS has met its mission of widely disseminating federal science and engineering information and data largely through its database of more than 3 million publications in 350 subject areas. As technology has evolved, NTIS has increasingly focused on providing its federal customers with online data and services.  

In her role on the NTIS Advisory Board Griffiths will be responsible, with the four other Board members, to review the general policies of NTIS, including those regarding fees and charges for its products and services. Drawing upon the expertise of its members, the Advisory Board advises the Secretary of Commerce and the Director of NTIS on such policies. It also provides guidance regarding customer needs, trends in the information industry, and changes in the way NTIS customers acquire and use its products and services.

Secretary Pritzker, in concert with the Advisory Board, this summer set a new focus for NTIS to “expand access to the Department’s and the broader federal government’s data resources, with emphasis on data concerning the nation’s economy, population, and environment.” Pritzker also recently appointed a new director, Avi Bender, formerly the chief technology officer at the U.S. Census Bureau.

Consistent with this new direction, the Commerce Department, through NTIS, is launching a new joint venture partnership (JVP) opportunity, focused on improving access, analysis, and use of federal data. “Data is a major currency of the 21st century,” said Avi Bender, NTIS’s new director. “NTIS has unique legislative authority to match federal agencies that collect, use, and disseminate valuable data sets with highly qualified private sector partners. We want to make it easier for federal agencies to efficiently use and share their data in agile and innovative ways.” More information is available about NTIS’s JVP program is available here.