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DSU students take top spots at NDSU cyber conference

April 16, 2019

Cyber security studentsTwenty-six Dakota State students took a road trip to North Dakota State University April 5, and swept the top spots in the cyber security competition.

Out of ten participating cyber security teams, DSU took first and second. These teams were captained by Nick Alholinna and Nic Mews-Schmuck.

In the programming competition, DSU teams took 4th and 20th out of 75 teams from around the region.

The conference, similar to Dakota State’s annual DakotaCon, also featured speakers, and was an opportunity for the students to network.


  • Tristan Fletcher
  • Nic Mews-Schmuck (captain)
  • Zach Quintana
  • Peter Engels
  • Kyle Korman
  • Nick O'Donnell
  • Michael Shlanta
  • Michael Cutshaw
  • Jacob Williams
  • Brian Vertullo


  • Anna Fields
  • Eric Graham
  • Logan Frey
  • Nick Alholinna (captain)
  • Rayanne Liester
  • Bailey Belisario
  • Austin Fritzemeier
  • Christopher Loutsch
  • Andrew Reps
  • Sascha Walker

PROGRAMMING TEAM 1 (4th place)

  • Jarod Keene
  • Brendan Hansen
  • Collin Rumpca

PROGRAMMING TEAM 2 (20th place):

  • Andrew Rotert
  • Nathan Brook