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DSU to host the 2016 British National Debate Team

October 17, 2016

Dakota State University will host the 2016 British Debate Team on Sunday, October 23 at 7 p.m. in the Tunheim Classroom Building (TCB) auditorium. The topic of the debate is: “Does the internet disable democracy?” The DSU team will speak in opposition to the belief that the internet disables democracy. DSU Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Benjamin Jones, will serve as the moderator and timekeeper for the intercontinental debate.

Pictured (left to right): Collin Rumpca, Susan Conover (coach), Nathan HarmerDSU will be represented by two freshmen Cyber Operations majors, Collin Rumpca and Nathan Harmer.

Rumpca is from Aberdeen, S.D. and debated for four years at Aberdeen Central High School. He earned second place during the state competition and reached 10 out of 13 rounds at nationals in 2015.

Harmer is from Sioux Falls, S.D. and debated during his freshman year. He took part in Prepared Public Speaking for FFA his junior and senior years at Harrisburg High School, where he earned eighth place at state his senior year. In addition, Harmer is one of two 2016-17 FFA Ambassadors for the SD FFA Association.

The National Communication Association and the Committee on International Discussion and Debate (CIDD) promotes international understanding and the practice of communication through discussion and debates between students from the United States and other nations. This year, the British Team consists of David Jones and James Baross.

David JonesJones has extensive experience in the coaching of debate and public speaking, having provided training and development to both C level executives and inner city school children. He started debating while at University in Wales, and has won seven competitions, including the John Smith Memorial Mace, and has placed at almost 50 others. Professionally, debating is a big part of his everyday life as a Management Consultant, where he regularly has to brief and debate on strategic issues relating to the telecoms market. Recently, he made televised appearances on the BT speaks debate show and in front of the House of Commons select committee hearings.

James BarossBaross is a physics graduate from Hull who started debating in his freshman year. James has been an active member of the Warwick society for 4 years. He has participated in public debates, helped run competitions and competed as Warwick A at EUDC 2016. When not debating, James has taken up writing as Science and Technology editor at The Globalist as well as being Publicity Officer for the student run Warwick Think Tank.

The Jones and Baross have been on tour in the U.S. since the middle of September. Their tour schedule has taken them all across the U.S., and will end mid-November. While at DSU, they will visit classes during the day and learn about what DSU has to offer.

The debate is free and open to the public and is scheduled for Sunday, October 23 at 7 p.m. in the Tunheim Classroom Building (TCB) auditorium. There will be time set aside for audience members to express their opinions on the scheduled debate topic.