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Google presents career opportunities to DSU students

December 13, 2015

Contributing one billion dollars to a project that uses satellites to help connect those without Internet. Launching high-altitude balloons to help those in rural and remote areas receive online access. Those same balloons can provide Internet connections quickly after a natural disaster. Creating apps in times of crisis that connect family members with their loved ones.  These are just three of the many projects Google is currently working on in an effort to improve the world. They’ve grown from a two people in a garage to over 70 offices in 40 countries, but there is still a lot more to do. Only 33% of the world has Internet access and connecting those who do not is part of the Google mission.

In effort build a team capable of fulfilling their mission, Google is holding virtual interactive informational sessions for select university and colleges in order to teach students a little more about the Google culture and how to apply for internships, residencies or full-time positions within the company.

"I was pleased when Google contacted DSU to start building a relationship with our computer science program,” said Dr. Chris Olson, Department of Computer Science and Game Design Chair and Assistant Professor. “It speaks highly of DSU's reputation for producing excellent computer science graduates, and I look forward to fostering DSU's relationship with Google so our students can become interns and full-time engineers for such an innovative and well-known technology company."

A group of around 75 current DSU students attended the information session where developer programs engineer, Jason Dobry, introduced them to “Googleyness” and what it means to be a Google employee or intern. Dobry talked about different positions in the company that DSU students may be interested in and some tips on how to prepare to apply to Google. Attendees were also given the chance to ask questions about Google as well.

"As exciting as this is, the fact that tech leaders such as Google are interested in hiring DSU students comes as no great surprise to me,” said DSU student, Andrew Kramer. “This is yet another testament to the unique, high quality education that DSU provides.  A relationship between DSU and Google will undoubtedly be beneficial to both."