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Mixed Blood Theatre’s African America Visits DSU

January 12, 2015

Minneapolis’ Mixed Blood Theatre’s production of African America will be performed at Dakota State University on Thursday, January, 29 at noon. In this insightful look at the modern African Diaspora, the unexpected appearance of a Pan-African woman leads a modern interracial couple to a better understanding and appreciation of the experience of immigrants from Somalis, Ethiopia, and Liberia and helps them consider how to connect with and celebrate one’s heritage.

African America is a timely and eye-opening story, graced with humor, magic and the occasional Vikings reference.  The production was warmly received by audiences during its two previous tours.

African America is written by the multi-talented Warren C. Bowles, who has toured as Dr. Martin Luther King in Dr. King’s Dream for Mixed Blood since 1981, and directed by Ansa Akyea, who performed in the show’s original production.  The talented cast features Aaliyah Habeeb, Hope Cervantes, and Shasha Andreevi.

African America is one of four culturally-specific productions toured this season by Mixed Blood, a professional, multi-racial theatre company based in Minneapolis that promotes cultural pluralism and individual equality through artistic excellence.  The others include the American Indian anthology According To Coyote, aforementioned Martin Luther King biography Dr. King’s Dream; and Hijab Tube, a look at elements of Islamic American culture.
African America begins at noon on Thursday, January 29 at The Underground in the DSU Trojan Center. The event is free and open to the public.