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Warmer weather brings spring cleaning to campus

March 8, 2016

With the weather beginning to warm up and the snow melting away, the grounds on the DSU campus are beginning to show more signs that spring might be approaching. As the ground begins to dry out, it becomes the perfect time to begin some upkeep that keeps the campus beautiful.

Some of this spring cleaning will be focused on trees that will need to be trimmed due damage sustained during a storm that went through Madison in June 2015. Dead and damaged branches will need to be removed in order to make sure that the trees stay healthy and remain safe for those who pass through campus. This time of year is ideal for trimming due to the dormant foliage and the ability to use equipment without damaging the grass as well.

The city of Madison has also removed some hollow trees close to Emry Hall on the east side of campus.

As the weather warms up more, the DSU grounds team will begin to start other landscaping activities that make the campus not only a great place for students to walk to class, but for the community to enjoy a morning or evening walk as well. Faculty, staff and students also participate in an annual spring clean-up day on the main campus, the DSU Fieldhouse and Trojan Field.