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Campus-Wide Posting

Policy 10.1
Approved by: PRESIDENT's office
Responsible Officer: VP for Student Affairs
Responsible Office: Student Affairs
Originally Issued: 11/24/2009
Last Revision: 04/26/2021
Category: Public relations, identity, and design
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The purpose of this policy and its procedures is to provide for orderly, safe, and equal access to available posting space on campus for the distribution of electronic, physical, and other visual material to promote an informed campus community. This policy is intended to promote an atmosphere of free expression among the DSU campus community, one which takes responsibility for that expression and respects the expression of others in the materials they post. It is not the intent of this policy to censor unlawfully or otherwise control the content of campus postings.

This policy and its procedures apply, but are not limited to, all DSU employees, Officially Recognized Organizations, Unaffiliated Organizations, students, and the general public. This policy applies to all DSU facilities and grounds, including building exteriors, owned, or leased.

II. Definitions

  1. Affiliated Organizations. Organizations, such as the DSU Foundation, whose legal purpose includes support for DSU and its activities, persons or entities hired or contracted by DSU that require the temporary ability to post advertising and/or safety messages, organizations that have been authorized by DSU to use its name and marks, as well as the State of South Dakota and its political subdivisions, and their instrumentalities.
  2. Chalking. Drawing or writing on concrete sidewalks with water soluble chalk to communicate a non-commercial expression.
  3. Designated Posting Locations. Public area posting locations are campus-approved spaces within each building: bulletin boards, displays, and digital displays.
  4. Officially Recognized Organizations. A DSU department, office, college, affiliated entity, registered student organization (e.g., clubs, teams, committees, councils), or official DSU committee.
  5. Postings. Any poster, flyer, sign, notice, banner, free-standing sign, indoor display, outdoor display, brochure, or other advertisement, including electronic media or digital bulletins, items made of paper or similar material.
  6. Unaffiliated Organizations. Any persons, businesses, organizations, or groups that are not Officially Recognized Organizations.


        1. Posting Authorization.
          1. Officially Recognized Organizations
            1. May post in Designated Posting Locations on their own without prior approval from the Student Affairs Designated Office as long as they follow requirements in this policy.
            2. Shall contact the Student Affairs Designated Office prior to posting if any concerns exist that a posting may not meet the criteria in Section III(G) or otherwise not comply with this policy.
            3. Shall not place postings in designated posting locations on top of existing postings.
            4. Shall deliver postings for residence halls to Student Services Designated Office for actual posting if the Officially Recognized Organization does not already have authorized access to residence halls.
            5. Shall have the right to appeal a removal of a posting through procedures outlined in Section IV(D).
          2. Student Services Designated Office
            1. Shall direct the removal of postings from Officially Recognized Organizations that violate the posting requirements and review criteria in Section III(G) or which otherwise violate this policy.
            2. Remove postings found on University property from Unaffiliated Organizations.
        2. Posting Designee.Each building shall have a designee to monitor posting locations for compliance with this policy on a weekly basis.
        3. Posting Content.Each building shall have a designee to monitor posting locations for compliance with this policy on a weekly basis.
        4. Posting Removal. Sponsors of Officially Recognized Organizations shall remove all posting materials within 24 hours of completion of the event, activity, or service they advertise. Sponsors with postings that do not have an ending date shall be responsible to remove postings within thirty (30) days of posting. The Student Affairs Designated Office maintains the right to remove postings that are in violation of this policy at any time without prior notice.
        5. Posting Criteria.
          1. Postings shall have the following:
            1. Date of posting.
            2. A clear size that does not exceed 18” x 24.”
            3. Depict an event, activity, or service that is open to the DSU community.
            4. Specific date or dates on which the activity will be held or during a specified timeframe that begins within thirty (30) days of the posting.
            5. Content indicating that the event, activity, or service clearly relates to the purpose of, and is sponsored by, an Officially Recognized Organization.
            6. Contact person for the Officially Recognized Organization.
            7. An ADA compliance statement. Example: Persons with a disability who need accommodations for this event should notify the Office of Disability Services at 605-256-5121 or DSU-ADA@dsu.edu in order to discuss accommodations.
          2. Postings shall not have the following:
            1. University-copyrighted images or marks unless the posting meets Marketing and Communications branding standards and/or has Marketing and Communications prior approval.
            2. Obscene word, images, concept, including but not limited to, explicit sexual material, or any other speech not protected by the First Amendment.
            3. Vulgar, lewd, or indecent speech, (i.e., profanity).
            4. Promotion of illegal drug use or other illegal activity.
            5. Promotion of alcohol in a manner that violates SDBOR and/or DSU policies.
            6. Promotion of an event that violates SDBOR and/or DSU policies regarding advertising events where alcoholic beverages will be provided.
            7. Advertisements that compete with the Trojan Marketplace and other food venues sponsored by the University.
            8. Advertisements that compete with the Trojan Zone Bookstore.
            9. Any election-related content that violates any applicable laws regulated by the United States Federal Election Commission and/or the South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office.
          3. Chalking
            1. Chalking, as strictly defined, is permitted by Officially Recognized Student Organizations, students, and employees only on concrete sidewalks owned and maintained by DSU which are at least twenty (20) feet from the entrance to any building.
            2. Chalking is prohibited on vertical surfaces such as building walls, vertical steps, columns, etc.
            3. Spray chalk, semi-permanent, or permanent materials or paints are prohibited.
            4. The Chalking shall not depict those themes prohibited in subpart 3(E)(b) above.
            5. DSU reserves the right to clean or remove any chalking that violates this policy or that exists after the event or service depicted on the Chalking has transpired.
            6. DSU reserves the right to assess any financial charges associated with the cleaning or removal of chalking done in violation of this policy to the person(s) or group(s) responsible for the chalking.
            7. Overwriting, erasing, defacing, or altering the Chalking of another Officially Recognized Organization, student or employee is prohibited.
        6. Violations and Accountability.
          1. Any alleged violations of this policy may be reported to the designated Student Affairs Office.
          2. Violations of this policy shall result in Postings removed without notice or recourse. Persons or organizations violating this policy may have their posting privileges revoked.
          3. DSU reserves the right to charge an organization or individual for the costs to remove any Postings or Chalking that cause damage or otherwise violate this policy.
          4. Additional consequences shall include, but are not limited to, possible disciplinary action in accordance with applicable BOR and/or DSU policy for failure to follow applicable requirements in this policy.


            • This policy does not apply to official DSU signage for purposes of building designations, regulatory and traffic control, and directional signage.
            • This policy does not apply to administrative management team emergency signage and to departmental, office, or program materials posted within areas assigned to that department, office, or program as long as the information within the posted messages complies with university, state, and federal policy.

    Any exceptions to this policy and its procedures shall be granted through the President’s Office.


            1. The Student Affairs Designated Office shall provide the following to the campus community:
              1. Designated posting locations.
              2. List of building designees to monitor posting compliance weekly.
              3. Posting criteria.
              4. List of Officially Recognized Organizations
            2. Monitor, as needed, public posting areas for posting compliance.
            3. Maintain a record of posting removals and appeals.
            4. Facilitate a three-person committee selected by Student Affairs and comprised of a member of the Student Affairs Designated Office, a student senator, and a faculty member for the following purposes:
              1. Review of the posting appeal.
              2. Posting appeal decision.
              3. Communication of appeal decision.


    Campus-Wide Posting Requirements and Appeal Process (Contact Student Affairs for the most current checklist.)


    Originally Issued: 11/24/2009
    Most Recent Revision: 04/26/2021