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Barrier-Free Learning Committee Charter


The Barrier-Free Learning Committee will leverage the intellectual, technological, and physical resources of the DSU campus and its offerings to facilitate the following:

a. education about the evolving responsibility of providing a barrier-free environment in which to work and learn;
b. the pursuit of opportunities to make DSU a regional and national leader in providing the best access for persons with disabilities; and
c. the pursuit of the most current information and methods with regard to streamlining pedagogical and technological methodologies, devices, delivery systems, and environments which might otherwise prove an impediment to students, faculty, and staff with disabilities.


  • The Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) will chair the Athletic Committee as part of his or her FAR duties.
  • All voting members of the Athletic Committee are eligible for election to the position of vice chair. The vice chair will serve a one-year term starting at the first Athletic Committee meeting in the fall (approx. September 15th).

Members include:

  • Disability and Testing Services Coordinator (Chair, Nature of Office)
  • Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • One (1) faculty member from the Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences
  • One (1) faculty member from the College of Arts and Sciences
  • One (1) faculty member from the College of Business and Information Systems
  • One (1) faculty member from the College of Education and Human Performance
  • One (1) representative from the Physical Plant
  • One (1) representative from Marketing
  • One (1) representative from Online Learning
  • One (1) student representative
Non-faculty or shared-duty representatives will be appointed by their respective directors. A student representative with expertise in the area of barrier-free learning will be recommended by the Disability and Testing Services Coordinator.


Per the Policy on Committees


Per the Policy on Committees.


Adopted: 12/18/2023