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Institutional Review Board Committee Charter


See DSU Policy 6.6.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) serves as the administrative and oversight body established to protect the rights of human beings in research endeavors as directed by the Belmont Report, “Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research.” The Institutional Review Board is charged with the protection of research endeavors involving human subjects, and in particular, research for which the university receives funding. The IRB at Dakota State University ensures that human subjects used in any research activity, in any capacity, are adequately protected, as is governed by federal law. All research involving human participants conducted by DSU faculty, staff, or students requires the approval of the IRB. The DSU IRB is established in accordance with federal regulations [45 CFR 46.107 and 21 CFR 56.107].


Members include:

  • Institutional Official

  • Compliance Coordinator

  • Institutional Research Board Chair

  • Five (5) or more members, including one individual whose interests are primarily non-scientific and one individual not affiliated with DSU, except for service on the IRB. Board members will have varying backgrounds with respect to experience, gender, race, culture, and community experience. Board composition shall also be structured to reflect the types of research generally conducted at DSU. Board members will be selected by the Institutional Official, upon consultation with others (i.e., Provost, college deans) (DSU Policy 04-03-00). At least one member of the faculty should be appointed to the Institutional Research Board.


Per the Policy on Committees with one exception per DSU Policy on Committees 2.2, at the Chair’s discretion, Board members may be reappointed to additional terms, as needed and if willing to continue service.


Per the Policy on Committees.


Adopted: 12/18/2023