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University Research Committee Charter


The mission of the University Research Committee (URC) is to bring all elements of institutional and faculty research together to enhance and deploy University resources in support of research and scholarship. The role of the URC is to encourage and support faculty and students in engaging in scholarly activities. Scholarly activities are defined as applying for research grants, conducting research, applying for patents and copyrights, and disseminating research results through presentations in local, national, and international conferences and publishing in peer-reviewed publications. The URC facilitates the funding process and the establishment of inter-university partnerships and recommends policy on research activities to the General Faculty and/or University Administration when appropriate. Specific duties of the URC include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitate presentations (by DSU or external presenters) regarding various quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Examples include design science research, case studies, and ethnography.

  • Support faculty and student presentations reporting the results of ongoing and completed research. Events of this type will be coordinated with the Faculty Development Committee.

  • Encourage submission to refereed and peer reviewed publications through workshops and other support efforts.

  • Promote and recognize good research practice and outcomes among faculty members and the students they involve in their research, including advocacy for appropriate approval processes relative to release of data collected by students, faculty and/or external DSU constituents.

  • Encourage grant application through workshops and other partnerships in coordination with the Sponsored Programs Office. Examples of collaborative activities include:

    • Orienting faculty to the general process of acquiring and administering external funds.

    • Assisting faculty in identifying funding opportunities relevant to their research interests.

    • Assisting as a liaison in linking ideas for research with expertise that would support that research.

    • Assisting the faculty with project design and fundability assessment.

    • Assisting faculty with proposal development. This includes writing, corresponding with funding sources, preparing proposal budget, and submitting the proposal.

    • Establishing contacts with the community and the industry for the purpose of advertising faculty expertise and creating additional funding opportunities.

    • Assisting faculty in finding collaborative opportunities with their peers in other institutions.

    • Identify the infrastructure, systems, and services that enable effective use of computing and communication technologies by all members of the university community for research activities.


Membership is open to all DSU employees with the following minimum:

  • Vice President of Research and Economic Development (Chair, Nature of Office)

  • Associate Vice President of Research and Economic Development

  • Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

  • Two (2) faculty member, elected by the Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences

  • Two (2) faculty member, elected by the College of Arts and Sciences

  • Two (2) faculty member, elected by the College of Business and Information Systems

  • Two (2) faculty member, elected by the College of Education and Human Performance

  • One (1) faculty librarian, elected by the Karl E. Mundt Library faculty

  • One (1) undergraduate student, elected by the Student Senate

  • One (1) graduate student, elected by the Student Senate

  • Director of the Center of Excellence in Computer Information Systems

  • Dean of Graduate Studies

  • Undergraduate Research Coordinator

  • Director of Economic Development

  • Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Policy

  • Director of Budget and Grants Administration


Per the Policy on Committees.


As needed.


Adopted: 12/18/2023