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Emeritus Designation

Policy 1.4
Approved by: President
Responsible Office: ACADEMIC AFFAIRS
Originally Issued: 09/16/2019
Last Revision: 06/28/2021
Category: academics
Related Policy
SDBOR Policy 4.4.1 Faculty Designations


This policy and its procedures provide details for designating the title of Emeritus to a retired faculty member or academic administrator. Emeritus status is a privilege, not a right, and is given in recognition of sustained meritorious academic and professional service to Dakota State University.


Emeritus. Status granted to faculty or administrators who retire from the institution in good standing allowing the retention of the rank or title acquired prior to retirement.

Senior Faculty. Faculty members who have achieved tenured associate rank and above.


  1. Eligibility for Emeritus Designation. To be eligible for emeritus designation, individuals shall meet the following criteria:
    1. Full-Time Academic Appointment. The candidate shall hold either of the following academic appointments:
      1. University faculty member with primary responsibility of teaching, research, or service (or any combination of the three), or
      2. Academic administrator.
    2. Rank. The candidate shall hold any of the following ranks for at least five years prior to leaving the University:
      1. Professor or associate professor, or
      2. Professor of practice, or
      3. Librarian or associate librarian, or
      4. Research professor or associate professor, or
      5. Executive, associate dean, or director of an academic unit.
    3. Age/Years of University Employment. The candidate shall meet one of the following requirements:
      1. Age sixty or older with ten or more years in full-time employment, or
      2. Twenty-five or more years in full-time employment
  2. Awarding Emeritus Designation. To be awarded emeritus designation, individuals shall meet the following criteria:
    1. Mission. Substantial contribution to supporting and advancing the mission of the university.
    2. Effectiveness. Clearly demonstrated attributes of a highly effective member of the DSU community.
    3. Transformative Role Model. Demonstrated capacity to be a transformative role model within the university.
    4. Character. Outstanding character as a contributing member of the DSU community.
    5. Personal Drive. Personal drive as a contributing member of the DSU community.

This policy does not apply to non-faculty employees.

The President may approve or disapprove the award of Emeritus Status apart from the normal eligibility criteria described in this policy.


  1. Eligibility Verification. The university Provost shall verify that a nominee meets the eligibility criteria defined in Section III.
  2. Selection Procedures. The university shall establish an Emeritus Selection Committee.
    1. The university Provost shall appoint and charge committee members.
    2. The committee shall have eleven members:
      1. All members shall be senior members of the campus community.
      2. Membership shall be the Provost, academic deans, and six senior faculty.
      3. Committee members shall review the nominees (open nomination process) and make a recommendation for appointment.
      4. Requests for appointment (nominations) shall come from deans, vice presidents, directors, or full-time faculty other than the nominee.
  3. Approval.
    1. The President shall award Emeritus Status after reviewing the recommendations from the Emeritus Selection Committee.
    2. The President determines the timing of announcement, place, and other logistical concerns.
    3. The President sends a letter and a certificate to each individual awarded Emeritus Designation and provides copies to the appropriate dean and vice president.
  4. Privileges. The following privileges shall be available to a recipient of Emeritus Designation in addition to the privileges accorded all retirees:
    1. Dakota State Emeritus ID Card.
    2. Listing of title, department, campus, and educational affiliation in the Faculty/Staff Directory.
    3. Additional parking options may be available.
    4. Access account for Internet services pursuant to Section III (L.3) DSU Email Usage policy 14.1.
    5. Regular Faculty/Staff privileges at university libraries.
    6. Access to university recreational facilities.
    7. Access to university athletic competitions without financial cost.
    8. Faculty/staff discount at bookstores.
    9. Educational Privileges for self and eligible dependents as may be established by the university or Board of Regents.


Contact the Provost’s Office for the most recent Emeritus Designation nomination form.


REVISED: 06/28/2021