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Faculty Sabbaticals

Policy 1.19
Approved by: President
Responsible Officer: Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs
Originally Issued: 06/03/2023
Last Revision: new policy
Category: Academics
Related Policy
SDBOR Policy 4.5.3 Medical Leave and Leaves of Absence
SDBOR Guideline Request for Sabbatical or Educational Leave Form


The purpose of this policy is to specify the application and evaluation process for Sabbatical Leave requests. The Medical Leave and Leaves of Absence Policy of the South Dakota Board of Regents establishes the administrative rules regarding the granting of Sabbatical Leave by Dakota State University and the associated conditions and obligations of any faculty member that takes Sabbatical Leave.




  1. A faculty member may apply for sabbatical leave after six or more consecutive years of full-time employment at Dakota State University.
  2. A faculty member must submit a completed sabbatical leave application [https://www.sdbor.edu/administrative-offices/academics/academic-affairs-guidelines/Documents/6_Forms/6_D_Form.docx] to the Dean by October 1.
  3. Faculty are encouraged to submit letters of support with their application that address the merits of the planned work and the contributions to the discipline, and which also include a discussion of the benefits to the institution, the regental system, and/or the state of South Dakota. Letters of support must be received in the Provost’s Office by November 1.
  4. A folder for each Sabbatical Leave Application will be created, which will include the letter sent to the Dean and the Provost informing them of the intent to submit a Sabbatical Leave Application, the Sabbatical Leave Application, the Dean’s Evaluation of the Sabbatical Leave Application, and any letters of support that were received by the Provost’s Office. The Provost and the President may also supplement the material in the Sabbatical Leave Application folder.
  5. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will be given access to the sabbatical leave application folders on November 15.
  6. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will evaluate the sabbatical leave applications following the guidelines for review given in the procedures of this policy.
  7. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will review the sabbatical leave applications and provide an evaluation of each application following the evaluation procedures of this policy. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will provide a feedback letter for each application, along with a recommendation to the Provost by February 1.
  8. If a faculty member’s Application is not selected to receive a Sabbatical, they may re-apply, revising their application with the feedback received in the letter from the Promotion and Tenure Committee.






  1. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will evaluate each sabbatical leave application based on the following:
    1. All required documentation (letters and any supplemental material) is in the file.
    2. A complete application document is in the file.
    3. The justification for the sabbatical provides the critical depth necessary to demonstrate that the project or research can be successfully completed.
    4. The explanation of the research or project is clear, detailed, and describes the merits and contributions to the faculty member’s discipline.
    5. The explanation of the research or project describes the benefits to the University; its students, faculty, and/or staff; the Regental System; and/or the state of South Dakota.
    6. While not required, the letters of support also highlight and discuss the merits and contributions of the research or project, and the benefits to the University, the Regental System, and/or the state of South Dakota.
  2. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will write a feedback letter for each application folder and the feedback will address the following:
    1. Completeness of the application
    2. Merits of the proposal
    3. Committee recommendation [If the Committee does not recommend, comments and suggestions will be included for consideration in a future application.]


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Adopted: 06/03/2023