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Short Term Military Activation

Policy 1.10
Approved by: President
Responsible Officer: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs
Originally Issued: 07/21/2000
Last Revision: 04/17/2023
Category: Academics
Related Policy
SD BOR Policy 2:30 Students Called to Active Military Service
SD BOR Policy 5:7 (4) Refunds-Military Service withdrawal Without Penalty


This policy exists to address class absence issues that arise when students must report for short-term military activation during the academic term (fall, spring, summer).


Short-Term Military Activation: Orders of three weeks or less. 


Dakota State University believes that all students who must report for short-term military activation (three weeks or less) during an academic term will be accorded every opportunity to remain active and successful in their academic schedule. If a student determines he/she is unable to continue with classes during the short-term activation, a student may choose to withdraw under BOR policy 2:30 Students Called to Active Military Service and BOR Policy 5:7 (6) Refunds-Military Service Withdrawal Without Penalty.


  1. Share Orders with Office of Veteran Affairs. A student soldier who receives orders for a short-term military activation should report those orders to the DSU Office of Veteran Affairs promptly following the receipt of orders.
  2. OVA Notifies Faculty. The Director of Veteran Affairs or his/her designee will expeditiously notify the student’s faculty members of the excused absence from class due to short-term military activation orders.
  3. Completion of Class Assignments. The faculty members and the student shall make alternate arrangements relative to coursework that is due during the scheduled absence. The student is responsible for all material covered in missed classes, for coursework, and out-of-class assignments that are due during the activation. The missed assignments may be submitted following the student’s return to classes on a schedule determined between each faculty member and the student.
  4. In Case of an Extension of Absence. During activation, the student should contact the Office of Veteran Affairs if the activation extends beyond the original time period on the notification papers. The Director of Veteran Affairs or designee will contact the student’s faculty members. The student should make additional arrangements for missed assignments during the extended period of activation. If the student’s military orders prevent him/her from continuing with the course(s), the student may be eligible for withdrawal and a refund per SDBOR Policy 5:7 (4) Military Service – Withdrawal Without Penalty.




ADOPTED: 07/21/2000
REVISED: 03/14/2017
REVISED: 04/17/2023