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Majors & Degrees

Teacher Apprenticeship Certificate 

Individualized support

A Teacher Apprenticeship Certificate is an excellent way for individuals to equip themselves with the skills necessary to support classroom teachers and enhance learning for K-12 students.

This program provides a great opportunity to receive the credentials needed to become a professional in a classroom setting. With a focus on providing a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience, individuals are prepared for a variety of roles in assisting teachers, including maintaining order, monitoring progress, and helping craft lesson plans and activities. Tailored courses teach participants how to monitor student behavior, enforce rules, make sure students are doing their work, and work with teachers to create engaging and meaningful instruction. By the end of the program, individuals are ready to support classroom teachers for a successful learning experience.

Learning outcomes

  • Consistently apply classroom Standards of Conduct in K-12 instructional settings.

  • Analyze how historical perspectives of education influence K-12 education today.

  • Describe the responsibilities of K-12 teachers to meet student needs as defined by the individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).

  • Compare and contrast appropriate student accommodations and modifications.

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