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Two students walking across campus.

Is DSU the right fit for you?

Even the best brochures and postcards (and yes, even websites) can only tell you so much about a college. The only surefire way to know if DSU is right for you is to visit our campus.

DSU offers three options for campus visits, individual visits, Program Preview Days or Discover DSU Days. You can attend one or all of these options to get a better idea of what DSU can offer.

Check out more information on each visit experience below. No matter what option you choose, we can’t wait to meet you!

Individual visits

Do you prefer a one-on-one approach? Individual visits to DSU generally last an hour and a half and include:

  • A tour of campus
  • The chance to talk to an admissions counselor
  • A one-on-one talk with a professor in the major of your choice

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Questions about an individual visit? Call us at 1-888-378-9988 , email us at

Discover DSU Days

Dates for our 2017-18 Discover DSU Days include:

  • Friday, March 2, 2018
  • Saturday, April 7, 2018

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Program Preview Days

Saturday, April 7, 2018

  • All Fools’ Game Faire
    • Computer Game Design

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