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Majors & Degrees

Akemi Chatfield

Akemi Chatfield

Akemi Chatfield

Associate Professor


College of Business and Information Systems


Ph.D., Business Administration, Texas Tech University,
M.B.A., Texas Tech University
B.A., Comparative Cultural Studies, Franklin College of Indiana


Office Location: East Hall
Phone: (605) 256-5165

  • The Best Conference Paper Award with $300 cash prize, 2016 Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research: Chatfield, A.T. & Reddick, C.G. Open data policy innovation diffusion: An analysis of Australian federal and state governments
  • The Third-Best Conference Paper Award with $200 cash prize, 2014 25th Australasian Conference on Information Systems: Chatfield, A.T., Shlemoon, V. N., Redublado, W. & Rahman, F. Data scientists as game changers in big data environments
  • The Second-Best Conference Paper Award with $300 cash prize, 2012 23rd Australian Conference on Information Systems at the ACIS 2012: Chatfield, A. T. & Brajawidagda, U. Twitter tsunami early warning network: A social network analysis of Twitter information flows

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