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Biagi thankful for Elementary Education experience at DSU

April 8, 2021


Laura Biagi graduated with a BSE in Elementary Education in 2011.

When Laura Biagi came to Madison, SD, she played softball for the DSU Trojans and started her journey towards becoming a teacher.

After graduating with a BSE in Elementary Education in 2011, Biagi began her career as a first grade teacher in Brandon, SD. After teaching first grade for a year, then she got a job as a third grade teacher at Chester Area School in Chester, SD, where she currently teaches fourth grade.


“I really liked the hands-on approach in the education program. DSU let me get into the real classroom many times, prior to student teaching. It’s a whole new world when you’re in the classroom for lengthy amount of time. You get a great experience,” Biagi said.

That great experience can be found within the Elementary Education program in the College of Education at Dakota State. This nationally accredited program gives future educators a chance to use cutting-edge technology and instills in them a desire for lifelong learning.

It also equips educators with knowledge and skills to make a difference in the lives of students, as well as field experiences and a year-long student teaching residency that prepares them for the real classroom by providing them with classroom management and delivery skills.

“I was able to student teach in Iowa and I’m grateful that it was for a lengthy amount of time. I was really able to get a feel for what it’s like to be in the classroom with 20+ kids,” she said, “Some things cannot be taught in a college course, there are many things aspiring teachers need to experience firsthand.”

Biagi also credits DSU faculty for building relationships amongst their students and helping them achieve success. She specifically credits Dr. Mark Hawkes, Dean of Graduate studies, and Dr. Crystal Pauli, Dean of the College of Education, for helping her on her journey to becoming a teacher.

“Dr. Pauli was someone you could approach with any concerns. I truly believe that her relationship with students made me a better teacher,” she said.

In addition to the educational experience, Biagi also enjoyed opportunities to be involved in many activities on the DSU campus, as well as meeting new friends. Biagi and her husband, Greg, live in Madison with their four children.

Elementary Education (BSE)

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