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Blue Bytes: Damian Kortus

September 26, 2023

Blue Bytes is a DSU student-focused media series. Take a look beyond the classroom and enter the lives of DSU’s dynamic students. 
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When searching for universities in South Dakota, Dakota State University stood out to Damian Kortus. 

“It was affordable, close to home, and it looked like it had a great English program,” said Kortus.  The Sioux Falls resident has loved reading since he could pick up a book, and when he found a passion for writing in high school, he knew English was the path for him. 

“I knew if I followed my passions while staying smart and aware, the job opportunities would present themselves to me,”  he said. “What’s great about the English for New Media program is that it isn’t just about reading and writing. I learned a lot of things that can help me in a variety of industries: graphic design, web development, even a bit of coding.”

Kortus  recently finished his third year as an English for New Media Major and his second year working at DSU’s Writing Center. While learning about the process of writing, he helps other students improve their own writing. 

“Working at the Writing Center has been such a great experience for me,” Kortus said. “That kind of thing looks great on a resume, and I’ve become a better writer because of this job. Plus, it’s just nice to help people.”

He is now spending his summer working as a social media intern for DSU, using the skills taught in his coursework to create content for Dakota State’s social media. “It’s different from any of the work I’ve done before, even at the Writing Center,” Kortus said. “But it’s fun getting more involved with the university, and the Marketing team is just a friendly and welcoming environment.”

Speaking further on the faculty at Dakota State, he had nothing but praise for the professors. “All my professors have been such kind, passionate people. They clearly love the subjects they teach, and I was never afraid to ask them questions or ask for help. Their hard work has made my time at DSU such a fulfilling experience.”

“Being successful here still requires grit,” Kortus said, discussing DSU’s classes. “There are always challenges. But there are some days when it doesn’t even feel like you’re working. Sometimes you get to talk about a great show or the lyrics to your favorite songs. Sure, you’re doing it for an assignment with a due date and a grade, but it’s fun anyway.”

His advice to future students at DSU: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People like helping, so ask your professors, your classmates, and the Writing Center. If you need help with your writing, the Writing Center will be there for you.”

Kortus continues to develop his writing with both professional and personal work. He plans on continuing his work with social media, as it provides many opportunities for employment for an English major. In an increasingly digital world, he still believes in the power of writing. 

“I’m not an English major because it means the most jobs or the highest pay. I’m an English major because I love writing and talking to people about writing. I wouldn’t have picked any other path.”