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DSU Graduate students awarded research grants

November 16, 2023

The Graduate Research Initiative has selected five graduate students to receive grants to conduct mentored research for the 2023-24 academic year.

A team of graduate faculty and doctoral students reviewed the applicants and made the selections, according to Dr. Mark Hawkes, Dean of Graduate Studies.

“A stipend of $600 is provided to each student researcher which may be used for data collection, analysis, or results dissemination,” Hawkes said.

The award winners for this year include:

College of Business & Information Systems:

  • Chris Kreider, Ph.D.IS; Advisor Dr. Omar El Gayar. Project title: “A Randomized Control Experimental Assessment for a Novel Model of Authentication for Augmented and Virtual Realities.”
  • Gary Zhou, Ph.D.IS; Advisor Dr. Omar El Gayar. Project title: “An NLP-based Knowledge Extraction Approach for IT Tech-support Transcripts.”
  • Brad Fowler, Ph.D.IS; Advisor Dr. Omar El Gayar. Project title: “The Role of Privacy in the Adoption of Internet-of-Vehicles Technology in Consumer Automobiles.”

The Beacom College of Computer & Cyber Sciences

  • Sunil Arora, Ph.D.CD; Advisor Dr. John Hastings. Project title: “Cybersecurity Professionals’ Stress, Burnout, and Mental Health Issues Due to Challenging Work Environments.”
  • Bijay Shakya, Ph.D.CS; Advisor Dr. Omar El Gayar. Project title: “Blending Hierarchical Attention Mechanism in YOLO Architecture for Small Object Detection.”

To learn the research results and speak with the student researchers, people can attend the annual Research Symposium in March 2024.

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