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DSU Undergraduate research grants awarded

November 16, 2023

Each fall, Dakota State University offers funded research opportunities to undergraduate students through the Undergraduate Student Mentored Research Initiative (SRI) program.

This program allows students to conduct hands-on research with a faculty mentor.

“Research can ignite a passion for learning and discovery that continues into a professional career,” said Dr. Stacey Berry, Coordinator of Undergraduate Research.

Thirteen undergraduate students were awarded funds to complete their research projects for the 2023-24 academic year.

“The growing interest from students in undergraduate research reflects how much research is rising at DSU,” Berry said. 

The award winners for the 2023-2024 academic year include:

College of Arts & Sciences

  • Denyce Bravo, a Biology major mentored by Dr. Andrew Sathoff. Project title: “Exploring Antimicrobial Potential of Honey from Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Against Both Human and Alfalfa Pathogens.”
  • Rook Wiese, a Cyber Leadership & Intelligence major mentored by Dr. David Kenley. Project Title: “Is Cybercrime More Prevalent in Individualistic or Collectivistic Cultures?”
  • Carter Gordon, a Sound Design major mentored by Dr. Tate Carson. Project Title: “Resonant Landscapes: Soundscapes of South Dakota.” This project is linked to Dr. Tate Carson’s Faculty Research Initiative grant.
  • Adam Peak, a Biology major mentored by Dr. Andrew Sathoff. Project title: “Surveying for Ophidiicola ophidiomyces, the Causal Agent of Snake Fungal Disease in South Dakota.”
  • Alex Rachynska, a Biology major mentored by Dr. Kristel Bakker and Dr. Jeffrey Elbert. Project title: “Difference in the Chemical and Molecular Composition of Berries from Introduced vs. Native Woody Species Available During Fall Bird Migration.”

College of Business & Information Systems

  • Ephrata Yared Feyissa, a Management & Marketing major mentored by Dr. Robert Girtz. Project title: “The Effect of Family Background on Wages.”

The Beacom College of Computer & Cyber Sciences

  • Grace Schofield, a Computer Science and Cyber Operations double major mentored by Dr. Austin O’Brien. Project title: “AI-Generated Political Advertisements’ Influence on Voter Opinion.”
  • Joseph Boyd, a Cyber Operations major mentored by Dr. Robert Richardson. Project Title: “Assessing Security Flaws in Modern Precision Farming Systems.”
  • John Brumels, a Network Security Administration & Cyber Operations double major mentored by Dr. Andrew Kramer. Project Title: “Assessing Security Vulnerabilities in Wireless IoT Devices.”
  • David Medin, a Computer Science major, and Aiden Schramm, a Cyber Operations major mentored by Dr. Andrew Kramer. Project Title: “Designing and Building an Autonomous MicroMouse Robot.”
  • Beau Miller, a Computer Science major mentored by Dr. Mark Spanier. Project title: “Evolving Language within Natural Language Processing.”
  • Tristan Stapert, a Cyber Operations major mentored by Dr. Andrew Kramer. Project title: “Do Online Test Proctoring Services Abide by Standard Data Protections in Collecting Identifiable Information.”
The students will present their research results in March 2024 at the annual Research Symposium.

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