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DSU provides graduates with a competitive edge

December 6, 2023

“There’s no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

Justice Forster likes that quote from author Zig Ziglar. “It really resonates with me because people need to provide that commitment, that drive, to be able to achieve the things they’re capable of, that they want to accomplish.”

Justice Forster

It also helps to have a competitive edge, and that’s what a Dakota State University degree provides.

The technology focus at DSU provides an obvious benefit to students in The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences, but it also offers a real advantage to other majors, like elementary education or business majors, he said.

“With the university focus on technology, all majors can really take part in that advanced technology that DSU provides,” Forster said. For example, with his major in business administration and a finance specialization, he has had the opportunity to utilize pertinent business software and incorporate a cyber angle.

“DSU provides that competitive edge to all majors in terms of the cyber resources they provide,” Forster said.

Forster graduates on Dec. 9 and has been chosen to be the student speaker for commencement. His remarks will focus on the impact future emerging technology will have on academia and careers.

“I remember playing around with GPT 2, and being impressed with the text generation capabilities at the time,” he said. With the release of Chat GPT and GPT 4, “it’s been astounding to see the level of growth in AI in terms of its capabilities and acceptance in business world.”

Because of this, “It’s especially important to consider the career aspect of AI, to consider those tools for DSU students and graduates to have a competitive edge in the workforce.” 

A native of Howard, S.D., Forster completed his bachelor’s degree in five semesters. He came in with 53 dual credits from high school, and tested out of several classes. This accelerated his college career, and saved money, and time.

He put that extra time to good use, participating in clubs, such as the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO Club) and Future Business Leaders of America Business Club. His summer internship with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) has led to full-time employment as a financial institution specialist, which is a training program to become a commissioned examiner.

Several faculty members have been particularly helpful throughout his college career, including Dr. Yenling Chang and Dr. Mike Roach. Forster is thankful to have had these professors serve as excellent mentors and advisors.

“I really enjoyed my time at DSU,” he said. “It’s been a great experience to both build relationships with faculty and administration, and to take the opportunity to participate in clubs and activities and build long-lasting friendships that will extend long past graduation.”

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