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DSU student sees latest tech at trade show

February 14, 2024

Dakota State University junior Cyber Operations major David Siemienas attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association, in January.

CES is an annual event where exhibitors debut their latest advancements in consumer technology. Additionally, world business leaders discuss industry issues during a conference program at the showcase. This year, 4300 exhibitors, from startups to tech giants, participated.

While he’s watched CES online in years past, being able to attend in person was beneficial for Siemienas. He really enjoyed seeing the keynote speakers in person, hearing from industry game-changers, and networking.

Much of CES is focused on looking forward to the future, something DSU students like Siemienas are quite adept at. Based on what he saw at CES and advances in the industry, he sees personalized automation and automatic customizations becoming more integrated in consumer technology.

Time at DSU

Siemienas has always been interested in being on the cutting edge, particularly regarding technology.

“Being able to stay one step ahead of people is always a fun challenge, and so is trying to outsmart the bad guys,” he said.

This led him to DSU for its distinguished cyber programs, where he found extracurricular activities that fit his personal interests and allow him to bolster his cyber skills.

Growing up, he was interested in automating home processes and utilizing video security with devices like a doorbell camera in his family’s home. This inspired him to join the Smart Home Lab team in MadLabs. Siemienas works with DSU Professor Tom Halverson conducting smart home and energy-management research.

The project space includes a home kitchen with smart lighting, window shades, speakers, kitchen appliances, and a Rheem Marathon water heater.

“The Smart Home Lab has let me explore the home automation space pretty freely,” he said.

The Smart Home Lab isn’t his only campus activity. This and his experience running his own home network inspired him to join the CCDC team to work in the firewall position. They will be competing regionally at the end of February, and if they advance to nationals, they will compete again in April.

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