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Computer Game Design (BS)

Build a better game at DSU

Game design requires attention to detail, creativity, passion, and imagination. It's the place where the right and left brain meet. A place to create and build something incredible. 

Split between The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences, this interdisciplinary program is for ambitious students who want to work in the highly competitive gaming industry, or similar fields. 

This demanding program requires you to tap into your computer science and digital design skills. Our approach is project-based. You'll build your communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. All the while gaining hands-on experience with digital games, mobile apps, websites, simulations, and more. Learn about specific tools and processes used within the game creating world. Discover programming languages, 3D modeling, and 2D graphics. Integrate game mechanics, narrative, aesthetics, and technology to craft interesting and effective player experiences.

Our program is cost-effective and one of the few in our region, so you're guaranteed an education that prepares you for your post-college career. The skills you develop while earning your Computer Game Design degree will leave you prepared for many careers, not just game design.


“I discovered that DSU’s Computer Game Design program taught all aspects of development to its students, something which greatly benefited me during my time there. Now, three years later, I work as a QA Tester for Activision, beginning my journey into the game design industry. ”

Chris Leonhardt - DSU Alumni '16

Quantum Tunnel

Check out this “Quantum Tunnel” video about out program, created by Denis Dyack, the chief creative officer of Quantum Entanglement Entertainment. The video explains some of the reasons why the program was recently ranked as a top game design school for 2018 in The Princeton Review.

Find your crew

Thirsty for more? Outside the classroom, there are a number of student clubs and activities to join, including the Computer Club, the Gaming Club, Game Design Club, and E-Sports Club. Scholarships and grants are also available for computer game design majors. The department also hosts an annual Nanocon and IDiG, as well as faculty and students, who participate in the annual Global Game Jam.

Out-of-this-world possibilities

Design the game you've always dreamt about. Craft exceptional missions, think outside the box, and create a world for others to enjoy.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the BS degree in Computer Game Design, students will:

  • Be prepared to contribute to interactive, multimedia software design and development projects, such as digital games, mobile apps, websites, educational software, interactive architectural models, marketing software, and simulations
  • Be prepared to work effectively on interdisciplinary teams, with appropriate communication, teamwork, and process skills using collaboration tools as appropriate
  • Know some specific tools and processes applicable to game development or similar software efforts, but more importantly graduates will be prepared to quickly and readily apply the principles they have learned to use new or updated tools and processes for similar purposes. Graduates will have applied agile processes while using specific tools, including: multiple game engines, multiple programming languages, 3d modeling, 2d graphics (both raster and vector), web-programming tools, and version control systems

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