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Preparation + opportunity = success

That's the DSU equation. We're a four-year university with nationally recognized programs, cutting-edge facilities, and the brightest thinkers. But we're also a tight-knit, inclusive community. Small class sizes mean hands-on training and individualized attention. All this with an affordable, public school price that's among the best values in the region.

Majors & Degrees

Physical Education (BSE)

Exercise young minds

Exercising and learning go hand in hand. Students who are active throughout the school day have shown significant improvements in attendance, behavior, and academic performance. They also gain confidence that can boost self-esteem. That’s where you come in.

With our Physical Education program, you will motivate, encourage, and inspire students to achieve their fullest fitness potential. As a role model, you will help your future students learn lifelong skills such as leadership, sportsmanship, collaboration, patience, and cooperation. 

Advanced technologies are used in sports and in schools. We provide hands-on experience in our Human Performance lab, and give you access to the following technologies:

  • Dartfish Motion Analysis
  • FitLights
  • FitWall
  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • NeuroTracker
  • Optogait Gait Analysis
  • Variety of Fitness and PE related apps

Degree in three

Fast-track your education with the option to complete your bachelor’s in Physical Education in three years. If you choose the accelerated Degree in Three plan, you’ll take courses as a full-time student, with 12-15 credits each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

Engage your skills

After completing a semester-long student teaching residency, you’ll be prepared to teach physical education and health from kindergarten through high school. Your expertise will enable you to monitor your students and alternate activities to keep them engaged; as well as adapt lesson plans for students of different ages and students with disabilities.

Get your head in the game

Picture this. Your team is in the state championship and you’re coaching on the sidelines. With 20 seconds left in the game, your quarterback scores the game-winning touchdown. The crowd goes wild!

If you can picture that, picture yourself getting a coaching endorsement, which will enable you to coach students in a sport you love.

Our program also incorporates a K-12 Technology Endorsement into the curriculum. You’ll be able to teach computer classes in addition to physical education and coaching.


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