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That's the DSU equation. We're a four-year university with nationally recognized programs, cutting-edge facilities, and the brightest thinkers. But we're also a tight-knit, inclusive community. Small class sizes mean hands-on training and individualized attention. All this with an affordable, public school price that's among the best values in the region.

Majors & Degrees

Software Development (AS)

Go behind the software

Our phones, computers and other technology devices are made up of copious amounts of software. But how is the software for our devices created? What does the process look like? How do they choose the design? How do they get it to even work?

Now you can find out. If you’re interested in creating software, our associate degree in Software Development has the answers to your questions and the questions above.

Work in our virtualized environment, where you’re able to test your work on multiple operating systems. You’ll also work in a protected sandbox on security issues and explore options on a variety of server operating systems. Over time, you can create software that will showcase your abilities and prepare you for the future.

Learn the logistics

Your classes will cover core principles and demonstrate how to develop, design, test, and deliver a software program error-free. You can also add coding to your skill repertoire, since you’ll write, test, and maintain computer programs in several languages.

NSA and DHS recognition

DSU is recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for our high-quality curriculum. With this curriculum, you’ll learn skills like:

  • How to write code
  • Manage the development process
  • Manipulate data efficiently
  • Take user needs into account
  • Deliver successful and secure products

These courses are taught by our DSU faculty, who know the field firsthand.

Leave DSU a professional

Leave DSU with the comfort of knowing your skills will prepare you for a variety of fields, clientele, businesses, personal use, and more.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the AS in Software Development, students will:

  • Be able to design, construct, test, and maintain computer application software or systems.
  • Be able to write, test, and maintain computer programs and/or web applications in several languages.
  • Be able to build web-enabled applications.

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