Master of Science in Educational Technology (MSET)

Make your mark on the world of education and improve student learning by bringing cutting-edge technology into the classroom. Our graduates are in high demand because of the unique set of skills and knowledge gleaned from the MSET course of study.

Our courses prepare you to understand, teach, and use a variety of educational technologies. Become an expert in multimedia, web authoring, instructional programming, computer hardware, and much more.

With this degree, you have the option to specialize in Distance Education or Technology Systems. We also offer a K-12 Educational Technology endorsement.

Benefits of a Master’s in Educational Technology:

  • Lead the way in teaching and learning practices

  • Become an authority on proper research methods

  • Understand computer programming, software, and hardware

  • Use technology effectively in the classroom

Please note that, while this is primarily an online master’s program, two of our classes do require time on-campus.

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Read more about the course requirements for Educational Technology, M.S.E.T. at DSU.

Last Updated: 6/23/14