MSET Specializations

The MSET program offers two specializations: Distance Education and Technology Systems. These specializations are indicated on the official transcript. You can also get a K-12 Educational Technology Endorsement. Students who wish to choose one of these specializations or the technology endorsement must take designated electives as follows:

Distance Education

  • CET 747 Web & ITV Based Applications of Dist Ed (3 credit hours)
  • CET 749 Policy and Management of Distance Education (3 credit hours)
  • CET 769 Adult Learning for Distance Education (3 credit hours)

Technology Systems

  • CET 747 Web & ITV Based Applications of Dist Ed (3 credit hours)
  • CET 750 Multimedia II (2 credit hours)
  • CET 753 Network Management in Educational Institutions (3 credit hours)
  • CET 758 Advanced Instructional Programming (2 credit hours)

K-12 Educational Technology Endorsement

Individuals who hold or are eligible for teaching certification may earn the K-12 Educational Technology Endorsement by completing specified courses within the MSET program.

These courses include:

  • LT 716 Systematic Design of Instruction (3 credit hours)
  • LT 731 Multimedia Production (3 credit hours)
  • LT 741 Introduction to Distance Education (3 credit hours)
  • LT 785 Research Methods in Educational Technology (3 credit hours)
  • CET 720 Evaluating Technology Outcomes (3 credit hours)
  • CET 726 Technology in the Curriculum (3 credit hours)
  • CET 751 Computer Hardware and Networking Essentials (3 credit hours)
  • CET 756 Introduction to Instructional Programming (2 credit hours)
  • CET 765 Leadership in Technological Change (2 credit hours)
Last Updated: 5/27/14