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Student Honors Awards 2022-2023

May 8, 2023

Lowry Scholars

Five Dakota State University students have been named Lowry Scholars for 2022-2023. This award is based on the student’s scholarly involvement and leadership in their program of study. It is named for V.A. Lowry, president of DSU from 1933-1962. He devoted much of his life to creating an environment of academic excellence at this university. Lowry scholars include: 

Lowry Scholars 22-23
Lowry Scholars for 2022-2023: Justice Forster (back left), Elsie Aslesen; Brenna Byer (front left), Grace Schofield.
Brett VanOort
  • College of Arts and Science, Elsie Aslesen
  • The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences, Grace Schofield
  • The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences, Brett VanOort
  • College of Business and Information Systems, George Justice Forster
  • College of Education, Brenna Byer



DSU College Student Leaders

The College Student Leaders Award honors students in good academic standing who demonstrate outstanding leadership in each of the four academic colleges. The eight students named for 2022-2023 include: 

DSU College Student Leaders for 2022-2023: Justice Forster (back left), Travis Rebstock, Jackson Heiberger; Madelin Smith (front left), Jonny Derenge. Not pictured: Abigail Armstrong, Grace Schlechter, Tyler Tappe.
  • College of Arts and Sciences, Abigail Armstrong
  • College of Arts and Sciences, Travis Rebstock
  • The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences, Jonny Derenge
  • The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences, Jackson Heiberger
  • College of Business and Information Systems, George Justice Forster
  • College of Business and Information Systems, Madelin Smith
  • College of Education, Grace Schlechter
  • College of Education, Tyler Tappe


Outstanding DSU Artist

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes students in good academic standing whose achievements in the DSU performing or studio arts are superior. The 2022-2023 Outstanding Artists are Carson Knecht and Samantha Verver. 

Samantha Verver (left) and Carson Knecht are DSU’s Outstanding Artists for 2022-2023.

Campus Student Leaders

Campus Student Leader Awards are given to students who have been very active on campus. Students must exemplify the highest degree of skill in management, communications, personal relationships, vital involvement, and university accomplishments. They are also required to have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8.  Campus Student Leaders for 2022-2023 include Jackson Heiberger, Braxton Lacher, Ryan Morganti, Irina Pecherskaia, Grace Schofield, and Tyler Thomas. 

Campus Student Leaders for 2022-2023 are:  Ryan Morganti (back left), Braxton Lacher, Jackson Heiberger; Tyler Thomas (front left), Grace Schofield, Irina Pecherskaia.


Regental Awards

The South Dakota Board of Regents presents Regental Awards to student organizations to recognize meritorious efforts and achievements in Academic Excellence, Community Service, and Organizational Leadership. 

Carson Knecht

The Academic Excellence Award was presented to the Future Business Leaders of America Collegiate. Members of the DSU group placed in the top two of their events at the regional competition and went on to the National Leadership Experience, where all placed within the top 10 of their events.

The Community Service Award was presented to the Newman Club. The Newman Club participates in DSU Day of Service and its own events, such as the Loved by Him Valentine’s Dinner. 

The Organizational Leadership Award was presented to the Lights, Camera, Action Film Club.  Lights, Camera, Action has been building the voices and visions of South Dakota and DSU since 2018 and is committed to telling people’s stories.

CAPTION: Carson Knecht accepts the Regental Award for Organizational Leadership for the Lights, Camera, Action Film Club.


Student Employees of the Year

The 2022-2023 On-Campus Student Employee of the Year is Kathleen Ballinger. She works in DSU’s Tutor Center. 

Student employees of the year include Jennifer Preuss (left), Britni Plucker, and Kathleen Ballinger.

There are two Off-Campus Student Employees of the Year. Britni Plucker works for Dakota Cinema in Madison, and Jennifer Preuss works at the Community Counseling Center in Madison.

These awards are held in conjunction with the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators.  The Career Services Office solicits nominations from on-campus and off-campus employers of DSU students, and a committee selects students in each category. 


Student Senator of the Year

This honor is given to a member of the Student Senate who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and participation in advancing the mission of the DSU Student Senate.  This year’s recipient is Nathan Ord.  

Nathan Ord


Center of Excellence Graduates

Dakota State University graduates of the Center of Excellence must maintain a minimum 3.2 grade point average and complete the Center of Excellence Minor, which includes a major field capstone experience. Twenty-one students were honored for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Center of Excellence graduates include: Jessica Tarr (back left), Trey Reindl, Ryan Morganti; Morgan Saathoff (front left), and Hannah Droge.
  • Elijah Abbott
  • Kellan Benck
  • Hannah Droge
  • Joshua Frederico
  • Joshua Hofer
  • Zachary Holm
  • Jonathan Horn
  • Micah Impecoven
  • Annabelle Klosterman
  • Mariel Klosterman
  • Claira Monroe
  • Ryan Morganti
  • Trey Reindl
  • Zachary Rohrbach
  • Morgan Saathoff
  • Lena Shoffit
  • Mary Simmons
  • Evan Slominiski
  • Jessica Tarr
  • Natalya VanOrmer
  • Dayton Wade


Delta Mu Delta Honor Society

Nine students have been named to the business administration national honor society Delta Mu Delta. This is for students majoring in Business Administration. It was established to recognize and reward superior scholastic achievement of business majors. To be eligible for admission, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25. New Delta Mu Delta members for 2022-2023 include:

Madelin Smith is one of nine business students named to Delta Mu Delta.
  • Caysen Eide
  • Jacob Joachim
  • Carrie Kickland
  • Courtney Menning
  • Caleb Schneider
  • Tate Schwader
  • Madelin Smith
  • Shital Thapa
  • Gavin York


General Beadle Honors

The General Beadle Honors Program originated at DSU in 2013 to challenge outstanding students and stress broad intellectual development. The program is open to students from all colleges and majors.


General Beadle Honors students recognized at the Spring Honors Reception included Eddie McGregor. 

To graduate as a General Beadle Honors Scholar, students must complete 26 or more credit hours of honors coursework, which includes an honors capstone project, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher.

Nine students were honored for the 2022-2022 academic year, including Olivia Armstrong, Abigail Armstrong, Cage Boschee, Darrin Dutcher, Matthew Lenarz, Savannah Mares, Eddie McGregor, Jackson Ruedebusch, and Carter Squires.


Kappa Sigma Iota

Kappa Sigma Iota is an honorary society at Dakota State University, established by President E. C. Higbie to “promote, secure and maintain a high level of professional fellowship.” A student must have a 3.5 grade point average and must be elected by the current members of the society to be a member of this prestigious organization. Fourteen students were honored for 2022-2023, including: 

Kappa Sigma Iota members honored included: Christina Mulu (back left), Kayla Gerken, Morgan Erikson, Elsie Aslesen; Abby Maloney (front left), Ryan Morganti, Luke Kremer.
  • Elsie Aslesen
  • Morgan Erikson
  • Joshua Frederico
  • Kayla Gerken
  • Nahome Teshone Hailemichael
  • Carrie Kickland
  • Luke Kremer
  • Abby Maloney
  • Savannah Mares
  • Ryan Morganti
  • Christina Mulu
  • Riley Peters
  • Grace Schlechter
  • Natalya VanOrmer



TriBeta is a national biological honor society that enables students to be involved in science outside of the classroom. Through TriBeta, students can access research funding and a venue to present and publish their work.  Membership in TriBeta is a valued, nationally recognized credential. The seven students honored for the 2022-2023 academic year included: Elsie Asleson, Carsten Bergersen, Sidney Fick, Abigail Grabowska, Peyton Groft, Travis Rebstock, and Christine Vogel.

TriBeta members for 2022-2023 include Travis Rebstock, Carsten Bergersen, and Elsie Asleson.