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Honored Students

April 25, 2024

Every year, we are able to celebrate the achievements of our students, those who have worked especially hard to excel and contribute to their own future as well as to the lives and progress of those around them. This year’s honored students include:


DSU Lowry Scholars

Five Dakota State University students have been named Lowry Scholars for 2023-2024. This award is based on the student’s scholarly involvement and leadership in their program of study. It is named for V.A. Lowry, president of DSU from 1933-1962. He devoted much of his life to creating an environment of academic excellence at this university. Lowry Scholars for 2023-2024 are:

Lowry Honors 24
Lowry Scholars for 2023-2024: Tristan Stapert (back left), Saddie Palmquist, Denyce Bravo; Ephrata Yared Feyissa (front left), Amy Uher.
College of Arts and Science, Denyce Bravo
The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences, Saddie Palmquist
The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences, Tristan Stapert
College of Business and Information Systems, Ephrata Yared Feyissa
College of Education, Amy Uher


College Student Leaders

This award honors students in good academic standing who also demonstrate outstanding leadership. Students are selected by each of the four academic colleges. The College Student Leaders for 2023-2024 include:

College of Arts and Sciences, Braxton Lacher
DSU College Student Leaders for 2023-2024: Benjamin Bowman (back left), Anna Vonkeman, Braxton Lacher; Kalani Mangin (front left), Taylor Koisti, Ethan Price. Not pictured: Rebecca Hazlett, Garret Leiseth.
College of Arts and Sciences, Anna Vonkeman
The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences, Benjamin Bowman
The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences, Ethan Price
College of Business and Information Systems, Garret Leiseth
College of Business and Information Systems, Kalani Mangin
College of Education, Rebecca Hazlett
College of Education, Taylor Koisti


Outstanding DSU Artists

The College of Arts & Sciences recognizes students in good academic standing whose achievements in the DSU performing or studio arts are superior.  For the 2023-2024 academic year, they have selected Lainy Culberson and Cora Red Leaf as Outstanding DSU Artists.

Cora Red Leaf (left) and Lainy Culberson have been named DSU’s Outstanding Artists for 2023-2024.

Culberson showcases her dedication and passion in every piece she creates. Her commitment to her craft is unmistakable, evident through the countless hours she devotes to honing her skills, exploring new techniques, and pushing the boundaries of her creativity. Within the animation specialization, Culberson serves as a role model, offering guidance and support to her peers who look up to her for mentorship. Her talent, passion, and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence make her truly deserving of this honor. She is a Digital Arts & Design major from Rapid City, S.D.

Cora Red Leaf was also selected as an Outstanding DSU Artist. Red Leaf's talent as an artist is truly remarkable, evident in the exceptional quality, creativity, and depth of her work. She possesses a level of skill and artistry that sets her apart, approaching each project with unwavering dedication and passion. Her portfolio is a testament to her outstanding talent and artistic vision, filled with pieces that captivate and inspire. Red Leaf is an Animation major from Rapid City, S.D.


Campus Student Leaders

Campus Student Leaders for 2023-2024 are: Trissa Gross (back left), Ephrata Yared Feyissa, Chad Compton; Cooper Vincent (front left), Lavender Slack. Not pictured, Houston Lunde.

Campus Student Leaders honor students who have been very active on campus. Through their involvement, students must exemplify the highest degree of skill in management, communications, personal relationships, vital involvement, and university accomplishments. They are also required to have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8. 

The 2023-2024 Campus Student Leaders are:

Chad Compton                        Houston Lunde

Ephrata Yared Feyissa           Lavendar Slack   

Trissa Gross                           Cooper Vincent


Student Employees of the Year

Each year, the Dakota State University Career and Professional Development office name Student Employees of the Year, both on- and off-campus.  This year, these awards went to Anden Wieseler and Baylee Holmlund.

On-campus student employee of the year is Anden Wieseler.

Wieseler was named the On-Campus Student Employee of the Year. He works for DSU Marketing, and embodies a rare blend of creativity, dependability, and quick comprehension of complex concepts. His dedication to problem-solving and determination to find solutions, regardless of difficulty, showcase his commitment to excellence.  He is a Cyber Operations major from Brandon, S.D. 

Holmlund was named the Off-Campus Student

Off-campus student employee of the year is Baylee Holmlund.

Employee of the Year. Since May 2022, Holmlund has demonstrated exceptional dedication to the cohesion and effectiveness of her team at the Madison Regional Hospital. Her co-workers remarked that her work ethic is remarkable, and she exhibits genuine care for their patients. Her presence as the first point of contact for patients is invaluable, as she adeptly addresses inquiries and ensures they receive the care they deserve. She is a Health Information Management major from White, S.D.

These awards are held in conjunction with the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators.


Tyler Thomas is Student Senator of the Year


Tyler Thomas has been named the Student Senator of the Year at Dakota State University.

Tyler Thomas has been named the Dakota State University Senator of the Year for 2023-2024. This honor is given to a member of the Student Senate who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and participation in advancing the mission of the DSU Student Senate. 

Thomas’s dedication to DSU and the Student Association Senate is truly commendable. As the current President of the Student Association Senate, he leads with drive, knowledge, and a commitment to setting a positive example for his peers. His fellow senators praise him for his tireless efforts to improve DSU, noting the significant amount of work he consistently puts in.

Thomas is a Computer Science graduate student from Forest Lake, Minn.  


Center of Excellence graduates

Dakota State University Center of Excellence graduates for 2023-2024 were honored at an April 18 Honors Reception. Graduates must maintain a minimum 3.2 grade point average and complete the Center of Excellence Minor, which includes a major field capstone experience.

Center of Excellence graduates include: Ann Scripture (back left), Lily Wolff; Grace Schofield (front left), Joseph Larson. Not pictured are Benjamin Batie, Elizabeth Elder, Lucy Fods, Madalyn Groft

Eight students were honored for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Benjamin Batie             Joseph Larson

Elizabeth Elder             Grace Schofield             

Lucy Fods                     Ann Scripture

Madalyn Groft               
Lily Wolff


Delta Mu Delta graduates

Dakota State University named five students to the business administration national honor society Delta Mu Delta.

Delta Mu Delta is a national honor society for students majoring in business administration. It was established to recognize and reward superior scholastic achievement of business majors. To be eligible for admission, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25.

        CeciliJane Carlson                      George Justice Forster                 Josiah Fawcet

        Gavin York                                   Curtis Flint


General Beadle Honors graduates

Dakota State University graduates of the General Beadle Honors Program were honored at an April 18 Honors Reception. This program originated at DSU in 2013 to challenge outstanding students and stress broad intellectual development. It is open to students from all colleges and majors.  To graduate as a General Beadle Honors Scholar, students must complete 26 or more credit hours of honors coursework, which includes an honors capstone project, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher. 

Tristan Stapert, Grace Schofield, and Beau Miller were named General Beadle Honors program. Not pictured: Joseph Boyd.

Four students were honored for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Joseph Boyd                 Grace Schofield
Beau Miller                    Tristan Stapert


Kappa Sigma Iota

Kappa Sigma Iota is an honorary society at Dakota State University, established by President E. C. Higbie to “promote, secure, and maintain a high level of professional fellowship.” A student must have a 3.5 grade point average and be elected by current members of the society to be a member of this prestigious organization. 

Kappa Sigma Iota members honored included: Lily Wolff (back left), Cole Sylliaasen, Ryan Morganti; Lainy Culberson (front left), Jada Dukat, Amy Collins. Not pictured are Kincade Naus, Austin Taylor, Jalen Taylor.

The 2023-2024 students honored at an April 18 Honors Reception include:

Amy Collins                  Cole Sylliaasen

Lainy Culberson          Austin Taylor                 

Jada Dukat                   Jalen Taylor

Ryan Morganti             Lily Wolff

Kincade Naus


TriBeta graduates

Five Dakota State University students in the Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) Honor Society were recognized at the Honors Reception on April 18. TriBeta is a National Biological Honor Society that enables students to be involved in science outside of the classroom. Through this organization, students can access research funding and a venue to present/publish their work.  Membership in TriBeta is a valued, nationally recognized credential. 

TriBeta members for 2023-2024 include Alex Rachynska, Roger Oliete Tejedror, and Denyce Bravo. Not pictured are Jalen Taylor and Lucas Wieczorek.

Students honored for the 2023-2024 academic year include:

Denyce Bravo                Jalen Taylor             

Roger Oliete Tejedor    Lucas Wieczorek           

Oleksandra Rachynska


Undergraduate Research Poster Awards

This new award for 2023-2024 honors the exceptional undergraduate researchers who showcased their work at the annual Research Symposium. Each recipient has demonstrated exemplary dedication, creativity, and scholarly rigor in their research endeavors. The awards were selected by a faculty committee, recognizing the outstanding contributions these students have made to their respective fields.

Undergraduate Research Award winners for 2023-2024 include Jonah Worden (left), Ephrata Yard Feyissa, and Carter Gordan.
First Place: Carter Gordan
Second Place: Ephrata Yared Feyissa 
Third Place: Jonah Worden

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