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General Studies (BGS)

Endless possibilities

Looking to complete your bachelor’s degree? Have a variety of career goals? If so, our general studies program is for you. With online and on campus classes, this degree is tailored to fit your needs.

Become fluent in computer literacy. Demonstrate proficiency in critical analysis and problem solving. Sharpen your writing and speaking skills. Discover the different types and elements of technology. Create a personal and intricate portfolio. Polish your resume.

To obtain this degree, you’ll need to complete general education requirements. After, you can choose 15 credits each from your emphasis areas.

Further your education

To benefit your education even more, we strongly encourage you to pursue an internship. This can be a  great addition to your resume and can be an admitting factor for graduate school.  

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the BGS degree in General Studies, students will be able to:

  • Be knowledgeable and competent in computer literacy
  • Evaluate and synthesize information from their three areas of emphasis and professional and personal experiences
  • Demonstrate their proficiency in locating information and ideas in scholarly sources
  • Demonstrate their proficiency in scholarly writing and apply writing conventions of appropriate style manuals (MLS, APA, ASA)
  • Demonstrate proficiency in marketing themselves for employment which fits their professional and personal career goals