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Mathematics Graduate Certificate

A certificate that counts

Are you a high school math teacher who wants to increase your mastery of mathematics?

Are you an in-service teacher who desires to teach dual-credit in high school or teach at a junior college?

Perfect! At DSU, you can enroll in our Graduate Mathematics Certificate. This certificate is available online to high school mathematics teachers (and others capable of completing graduate math courses) that currently hold a master’s degree or are enrolled in a master’s degree program.

Throughout your 18 credit hours, you’ll be required to complete courses from the areas of analytics, algebra, topology/geometry, applications, and probability-statistics. Demonstrate your depth and breadth of content knowledge in core areas. Research current mathematical practices and theorems and communicate your findings. Read, analyze, write, and present mathematical arguments with clarity.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Graduate Mathematics Certificate, students will:

  • Demonstrate depth and breadth of content knowledge in a core area of mathematics
  • Read, analyze, write and present mathematical arguments with clarity
  • Research current mathematical practices/theorems and communicate findings

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