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Student Recognized Clubs/Organizations

A Student Recognized Organization (SRO) is any club or organization associated with DSU that has been approved by the Senate and is eligible to receive funding from the General Activities Fund (GAF) through the club funding committee.

SRO's also confirm that DSU clubs are eligible to receive funding from the General Activities Fund (GAF) through the SRO funding committee. Any club that would like to receive funding must request to be SRO certified and meet all eligibility requirements, as well as complete the yearly tasks to maintain SRO certification.

If you are applying for funding for the first time, you must go through this process and complete all of the items in the order stated below prior to February 1st. You can NOT move forward to the next step until each step is fully completed.

  1. Send your information for the DSU website to
    • Club Name
    • Description of your club and what you do (2-4 sentences)
    • Meeting Time and Place
    • Advisor’s Name and Email
    • (Optional) Website or other Point of Contact
  2. Submit your SRO Application to
  3. Have your SRO Application approved. We will review and approve, if applicable, within 24 hours
  4. Submit your New SRO Constitution. You will receive a template constitution when your application is approved. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible
  5. Have your New SRO Constitution approved by SRO Funding Committee. We will email you when your Constitution has been approved
  6. Have your New SRO Constitution approved by YOUR club. Your club must approve the Constitution with a ⅔ vote of the active members
  7. Email that your club has approved your Constitution
  8. Get approved by Student Senate. SRO Audit Committee will email you letting you know the date of your approval. You can present at the same meeting, Student Senate will approve your SRO status
  9. Present your club at a Student Senate Meeting. Meetings take place at 7:30 pm over Zoom. They are open to the public and accessible via Facebook or Twitter
  10. If you do not present at the same meeting as your approval, please email to let us know what meeting you wish to present at -- you MUST present before February 1st
  11. Submit a list of this year’s active members to Create this list per the Active Member definition in your New SRO Constitution
  12. Submit a financial report to You will receive more direction on what to submit once you become an SRO

The following must be completed prior to February 1st, for every year you wish to maintain your SRO certification.

Update your information for the DSU website and send to, please include:

  • Club name
  • Description of club and what you do (two to four sentences)
  • Meeting time/place
  • Advisor's name and email, other points of contact
  • Website (optional)


We are so excited you want to create a club and connect with others at DSU!

To form a club:

  • Contact to get club application
  • Submit club application to and
  • Once your application is approved, you will receive a template constitution and a Google drive folder for your club. This folder is where your club's constitution needs to be created
  • When the constitution is finished, email for approval
  • After the constitution has been approved, YOUR club and all its members must approve. This must be done with a 2/3 majority vote of the active members. Please email when this is complete
  • Email for final approval. Student Senate must also approve. Once this is done, the SRO Audit Committee will email you letting you know the date of your approval

All Institutional Organizations are exempt from the SRO process. The current list of Institutional Organizations:

  • Art Gallery
  • Cheerleaders
  • Choral
  • Drama
  • DSU Live
  • Instrumental
  • Intramurals
  • KDSU
  • SAB
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Senate
  • Trojan Times
  • Tutors