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Majors & Degrees

Beadle Hall Mural Project

The Beadle Hall Mural Project is an opportunity for students to create works of art that will become a part of the daily life in this the oldest building on the campus of DSU. The scope of the project incorporates all levels of the building including the basement level.

Goals and objectives

The primary motive is to enhance the walls in Beadle Hall with works created by majors in our Digital Arts and Design (DAD) program. Part of the project will involve students or student teams answering to a formal request for design proposals which will be available at the DSU Art Gallery website later this spring. Students will also have the opportunity to apply to the Liquitex paint company for stipends and awards for their designs on a competitive level.

The murals are meant to be enjoyed by the faculty and students in the building and they may also serve as physical evidence of our students' abilities and passion for design and image-making.

The themes are open at this point, but an emphasis on globalism and diversity are encouraged. On this website, you will find helpful resources for your productions. The following: history, contemporary, technical, and design pages each contain links and additional information on mural wall art. Please use this site as a tool for research and to familiarize yourself and your team with the project.