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Dakota State University embraces the concept of providing a challenging and innovative experience across its four colleges. Each college is designed to create a group of related majors that focus on particular areas of study.

During your college career, you will likely take courses from each of our four colleges. This allows you to gain skills in addition to your focus area, giving you a broader educational experience. Something your future employer will love, along with your degree.

Experience traditional topics like chemistry, art, history, theater and writing with a tech twist in the College of Arts and Sciences.

If the areas of business, health information management or information systems (things like managing tech projects, using technology to analyze business practices, or developing software that helps make organizations work better) interest you, check out the College of Business and Information Systems.


For all things computer science, cyber security, networking and game design related, look no further than The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences.


You see yourself educating elementary students, teaching middle or high school classes, or maybe you want to work with those with special needs. You might even want to teach people of all ages how to lead healthy, active lifestyles. If this sounds like you, discover more about the College of Education.