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Majors & Degrees

Basic Spanish Language Proficiency Certificate

Break language barriers

The Spanish Language Proficiency Certificate offers students specializing in all fields a valuable credential for their proficiency in Spanish and their knowledge of Spanish and Latin American cultures, expanding their horizons to the Spanish-speaking world.

The certificate may be completed as a stand-alone program and may be taken by any student regardless of major. The Basic Spanish Language Proficiency Certificate is a value-added credential to any major and is particularly relevant for majors in business, construction, engineering, agriculture, health care, and education. The ability to speak Spanish is sought after by employers in a variety of fields, and it's a skill that opens up countless opportunities.

DSU student on campus after a basic Spanish language class

Experience a wider world

Fun fact: around 42.5 million Americans are native Spanish speakers. That is over 13% of the population. Regardless of your field of study, knowledge of Spanish and Spanish culture is invaluable to anybody navigating our diverse world. It facilitates effective and appropriate communication with Spanish-speakers both in and out of the workplace. It allows for greater understanding when travelling both in and out of the US.  

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Basic Spanish Language Certificate, students will:

  • Demonstrate ability up to the intermediate low proficiency level in oral and written Spanish.
  • Demonstrates introductory awareness of and respect for differences in cultural perspectives, behavior, and languages (the “3 Ps”: perspectives, practices, products).

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