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That's the DSU equation. We're a four-year university with nationally recognized programs, cutting-edge facilities, and the brightest thinkers. But we're also a tight-knit, inclusive community. Small class sizes mean hands-on training and individualized attention. All this with an affordable, public school price that's among the best values in the region.

Majors & Degrees

Biology: Integrated Biology (BS)

Examine the extraordinary

Can’t get enough of science? A degree in Biology with an Integrative specialization will give you the ability to explore a range of sciences from microbiology and biology to chemistry, ecology, genetics, and molecular biology.

Study human anatomy. Learn the basic principles of ecology. Gain an understanding of genetics and the transmission and function of hereditary material in plants, animals, humans, and microorganisms. Focus on vertebrate zoology, conservation biology, or aquatic biology. The opportunities are endless.

This degree will prepare you for careers in a lab, studying animals and wildlife in their habitats, or taking on positions in medical fields.

Opportunities outside of the classroom

Want to enjoy science-related activities beyond your coursework? Check out these options!

Career possibilities

A degree in biology specializing in integrative biology will open the door to many fields. From zoology to botany, to research, you’re bound to find a career you’re passionate about.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of a BS in Biology with a specialization in Integration, students will:

  • Have a solid foundation of the principles of biology, supporting sciences, and mathematics
  • Be able to problem solve and developing marketing strategies for products of research and service in the science-based information industries
  • Have an excellent background in computer science and information systems technology.


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