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Cyber Leadership and Intelligence: Digital Forensics (BS)

Investigate cyber

If you want a well-rounded education with a focus on cybersecurity and leadership, then our Cyber Leadership and Intelligence (CLI) Digital Forensics degree is for you. The interdisciplinary program will allow you to gain knowledge in world affairs while specializing in digital forensics.

Examine the role of operating systems in computer operations. Learn about fundamental networking issues. Develop an understanding of the foundation of public and private computer forensic investigations. Analyze the impact portable devices have in a digital forensic investigation.

If you’re looking to add a minor, this program is built to help you incorporate one of your choices like Cyber operations, Foreign language, History, and Sociology.

Military accessible

DSU’s CLI program, on-campus and online, is accessible for current military members. Current military students will receive a discounted tuition rate and have scholarships available to them. DSU has been a designated Military Friendly school since 2012 by the Military Times. Learn more about our veteran benefits.

Potential careers

CLI offers a variety of career paths for you. The critical thinking skills learned through the program will prepare you for many career opportunities. With a digital forensics focus you can find your future as a digital forensics investigator or an information security analyst. Or you can continue your education, attending law school.

“CLI was a perfect fit. I came to DSU knowing that I wanted to pursue Digital Forensics. This program allows me to study Digital Forensics while also gaining a background in world culture, cyber ethics, and human behavior; I get the best of both worlds.”

Olivia Janssen, DSU Student

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Cyber Leadership and Intelligence: Digital Forensics (BS), students will:

  • Be able to appreciate and understand an investigation of a security breach and what will be involved in detecting cyber intrusions (basic investigative techniques, computer forensics, evidence collection and preservation, legal issues, and personal privacy issues)
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of how nations, states have historically and currently conduct trade, diplomacy, and wars
  • Be able to work effectively as a member of a team and gain experience leading small teams to be ready for entry-level management positions in businesses and government

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