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Majors & Degrees

Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography Certificate

Further your mathematical knowledge

Modern cryptography applies theories from mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering, to design and implement strong encryption methods which are important to the safety of computer systems today.

Perform multifaceted calculations. Use security algorithms and protocols. Heighten your skills in problem solving and programming. Understand and apply probability, divisibility, and modular arithmetic to your work. Discover the principles behind complex cryptosystems.

Calling all STEM majors

At DSU, we’ve crafted our certificate so that you can earn a degree in mathematics or double major in mathematics and computer science. 

The Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography certificate is for Dakota State STEM majors who would like to enhance their skills and knowledge of mathematics related to technology by understanding the mathematical foundations of algorithms and protocols used to secure information.

Apply your knowledge

With a certificate in math cryptography, your knowledge in arithmetic, techniques, and algorithms will be endless.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Certificate in Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography, students will:

  • Understand and apply elementary probability, divisibility, and modular arithmetic arguments
  • Perform mathematical calculations used in cryptographic techniques
  • Understand and apply cryptographic techniques
  • Understand information security algorithms and protocols
  • Understand fundamental abstract algebra principles used in classical and modern cryptosystems
  • Develop skills in problem solving and programming concepts


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