Rendering of the proposed new Blankley Field at Dakota State University..

Legacy Lives On

New football field named after DSU Coach George Blankley. The Trojans Unite campaign will focus on several areas, one of those key areas being athletic facilities.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (PHDCS)

Discover innovation

Invent and design new approaches to the computer science field while obtaining your PhD degree in Computer Science. You can be part of a field that continuously discovers innovative ways to use technology. Enroll in classes that teach algorithmic and analytical principles. Develop and optimize intelligent solutions to various data and process centric problems.

The doctorate is the first of its kind in computer science in South Dakota. Pending approval from the Higher Learning Commission, the program will begin in Fall 2021 and be available as an on-campus only program. 

Student sitting at a table in the Beacom Building on campus.

Tailored for your needs

Explore the breadth of Computer Science with both Theory and Hands-on experiences.  With a dynamic Plan of Study (PoS), you can tailor your program to meet your career goals. Pursue your interests in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, Offensive Security, Cyber Defense, and other CS areas, all alongside outstanding researchers in these fields. 

DSU students presenting research boards

Research that fits

At DSU, we know just how essential research is in obtaining your doctoral degree.  Theory is important, but nothing beats working on real world problems.  That's why you have prime access to some of the best labs and professionals in the country. For example, the AI Lab within the Madison Cyber Labs (MadLabs®).

AI Lab


Demonstrate your skills and comprehension of complex issues. Be an expert in the latest technologies. Work with leading researchers in cutting-edge labs. Effectively articulate and execute results and conclusions of research. Discover careers in public and private sectors.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the PhD degree in Computer Science, students will:

  • Be able to demonstrate a broad and comprehensive understanding of core knowledge and fundamental principles in computer science.
  • Be able to demonstrate conceptual knowledge and ability to demonstrate prevalent technologies of computer science.
  • Be able to demonstrate a highly developed knowledge of literature in their area of computer science or closely related research.
  • Be able to effectively formulate, execute, communicate, present, and defend the result and conclusions of original research.

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