MSHI Core Courses

Required courses, to be taken by everyone admitted to the program, include seven core courses (21 credit hours) and the information integration project course (3 credit hours). Core courses build upon the knowledge support courses or appropriate experience. The project course should be undertaken after the majority of core courses have been taken and the specialization started.

INFS 724 Project and Change Management (3 credit hours)

A study of the principles and techniques used in managing information systems and organizational change projects. Project management software will be used in this course.

HIMS 742 Healthcare Information Infrastructure (3 credit hours)

A study of the healthcare information infrastructure in the healthcare delivery system in the United States. Examination of issues related to healthcare information systems, healthcare information policy development, uses and users of healthcare information, healthcare informational privacy, and clinical data standards. Electronic health record systems will be investigated.


HIMS 701 or equivalent experience.

HIMS 744 Healthcare Information Analysis (3 credit hours)

A survey of clinical computing applications and their integration to support health care delivery. The evaluation of such systems in regard to clinical decision making, clinical quality assessment, and healthcare research support.


HIMS 701.

HIMS 746 Data Management in Health Informatics (3 credit hours)

Explores database design, data modeling and implementation from the manager's and the developer's perspective. Design theories will focus on relational database and object-oriented models. Performance topics include integrity, security, recovery, and optimization. Explores issues of data representation in healthcare systems, including patient and provider identification, audit trails, authentication, and reconciliation. The students will discuss design of repositories for electronic health record (EHR) and computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems, with an overview of the regulations and accreditation standards applicable to healthcare I


HIMS 701 or equivalent and INFS 760.

HIMS 747 Business of Health Informatics (3 credit hours)

Emphasis on the flow of quality information throughout a healthcare facility to allow efficient decision-making by healthcare professionals, by integrating clinical, financial and administrative data from an organization's healthcare information system. Deals with health information systems strategic planning, the regulatory environment, corporate compliance, and future trends. Investigation of financial concepts such as operational and capital budgeting, return on investment, and identifies processes to enhance the organization's revenue cycle through the use of information technologies.


HIMS 701.

HIMS 748 IS Tools and Applications for Healthcare Research (3 credit hours)

Methods of project research and writing are introduced. Course reviews a variety of study designs used in biomedical informatics and outcomes research. IT support of biomedical research utilizing appropriate use of biostatistics and epidemiology principles will be explored. This class will provide a broad overview of text mining technology, evaluation and applications, including concepts such as natural language processing.


HIMS 744.

INFS 760 Enterprise Modeling, and Data Management (3 credit hours)

A study of the principles and techniques used in Enterprise Modeling, and Data Management. Topics include the architecture and techniques in designing and implementing enterprise models, database design and implementation technologies.


INFS 601 or equivalent.

HIMS 788 Capstone Experience (3 credit hours)

project, internship, or capstone course 


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