Research at DSU

Innovation starts with creative minds.  

We immerse those creative minds in an environment that celebrates and rewards new thinking and new ideas. Dakota State University is proud to nurture that environment -- to be the catalyst -- for rewarding creation, invention and opportunity for growth.

Research in the College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences continues to provide leadership in demonstrating the application of technology to the arts, humanities, science, math, music and theatre.

An innovative creation between faculty and students led to a pairing of vocal music with video games in a one-of-a-kind performance for the DSU Music Program.

Art students created a site-specific sculptural installation bridging DSU's rich history and technology mission. Books were the chosen medium for the project as they represent the tradition method of transmitting information, i.e., the printed word. They refer to the education mission at DSU, speaking to the history of the institution. The students chose RGB as the project's theme, using only books from those colors. RGB stands for red, green and blue, the primary colors of light and the color model for electronic devices like tablets, scanners and monitors.

DSU undergraduate students have been commended on their research in the sciences with awards and recognition from NASA South Dakota Space Grant Consortium and the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s National Center for Environmental Research.

Pumpkin Project

Research in the College of Business & Information Systems

The key to our success: DSU has some of the best faculty minds in technology, information systems and analytics. We have positioned ourselves as the experts in IT security with recognition by federal agencies, notably the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the NSA. DSU also hosts the annual security conference, DaktoaCon, which brings the nation's best cyber security experts to South Dakota. 

Faculty members in the College of Business and Information Systems are building a recognized research portfolio in cyber security, health informatics and data analytics.

DSU is proud to be a national leader in accessible learning as our faculty and staff continue to educate our campus and others around the world about assistive technologies that ensure all students have access to a quality education.

Research in the Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences

The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences helps students develop computer-based skills and abilities that can be applied in all many varied career fields. Our research agenda includes the following research Areas:

  • To conduct classified and unclassified Cyber Operations R&D for federal government and private sector partners in the area of vulnerability discovery, software reverse engineering, malware analysis, and software exploitation on the Dakota State University campus, thus generating substantial job growth and economic development in the Madison, SD community and the State of South Dakota.

  • To conduct research in machine learning and artificial intelligence computing, digital storage, networking, and sensor technologies. These opportunities have made possible research that lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence, rehabilitation robotics and machine learning, methods for the automatic generation of content by machine, including specifically the automatic generation of narratives from data, exploring theory as well as application, much of the work on language, speech, translation, visual processing, ranking and prediction relies on machine intelligence

  • To conduct research in human-computer Interaction, visualization and graphics - advance the interfaces between humans and computers in terms of the presentation of information for human consumption, and the design of technologies that make the use of computers useful, effective, and enjoyable. Key areas of focus include ubiquitous computing, mobile graphic interfaces, collaboration technologies and text visualization

  • To conduct research in systems, networks and security - Key areas of focus include security in computer networks, data privacy, information systems and high-performance computing Specifically cybersecurity - develop a cyber risk mitigation strategy, including the appropriate legal and compliance steps that need to be taken when responding to cyberattacks and reporting cyberattacks to law enforcement (different types of cyberattacks, the business systems that are most at risk, and the importance of an organization-wide approach to cybersecurity)

  • To conduct research on the disconnect between the computer science industry and the message girls receive about their ability to succeed in tech organizations, research on computer and cyber applications in K-12 settings, and research on new, innovative projects, workshops, and activities that strengthen excellence in diversity and inclusion in computer and cyber science programs and applications. We are seeing these grant funding innovative projects to deal with computer and cyber sciences students on the autism spectrum, to drive more girls and women into computer and cyber science programs, and to strengthen excellence in diversity and inclusion within computer and cyber science programs.​


Research in the College of Education 

In the College of Education, faculty are conducting interdisciplinary research at the intersection of the humanities and technology, and their application in the classroom. Currently, research is underway investigating the effects of multitasking on learning and interventions that potentially impact classroom learning.

Faculty and students in the exercise science program are studying the effects of nutrition and over-the-counter medications on human performance, both athletic and non-athletic.

Our research culture

Student and Faculty Research Initiative awards are a catalyst on campus for exploring new directions and germinating new ideas. The University Research Committee continues its work to build the culture of research at DSU so that both students and faculty have the means and the opportunities to be agents of innovation in South Dakota.

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