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February 4, 2021

Mostafa Haque is using his DSU education to advance his game design career to the next level.

Haque is a Game Designer for Haiku Games, working on their “Adventure Escape” franchise for mobile, but in the next 5 or 10 years, he wants to be a Creative Director/Lead Designer on a Triple A game. (In the computer game design world, Triple A games are like movie blockbusters.)

This is not an easy task, as computer game design has a reputation for being a difficult field to break into, and to advance through. By having a goal and a quality education, Haque has a good game plan for success.

A 2016 graduate in computer game design, Haque credits courses such as Game Narratives and Contemporary Mythology, along with Dr. Justin Blessinger's poetry course, as helping him define his own style as a game designer.

The year-long Game Projects course, which was the culmination of DSU’s Game Design undergraduate program, “was definitely what got me into my master's degree program at New York University,” he said. He graduated from NYU in 2018 with a Master of Fine Arts degree in game design.

DSU’s small classroom sizes helped him get personalized feedback from instructors, but he learned important life lessons outside DSU’s classroom, too.

Working in Residence Life gave him the work ethic to succeed in his completely unrelated career field. Helping manage the International Club for several years honed his people skills. “I am able to set more reasonable deadlines, and manage expectations better because of that experience,” he said.

A native of Bangladesh, he made friends with people from all over the world through the International Club. “Learning about other cultures and practices definitely made me a more open-minded individual,” Haque said.

He also developed strong friendships during his time at DSU.

“I still hangout regularly with the core friend group I made in my DSU years. I consider them my absolute best friends.” - Mostafa Haque '16

Computer Game Design (BS)

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