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English (BS)

One major: two tracks

As an English major at DSU you can choose from two tracks: English Education and English for New Media. Whichever track you choose, you’ll graduate with strong communication and comprehension skills that will benefit you in a variety of careers.

As you hone your skills as a reader, writer, editor, and critical thinker you will learn to express yourself clearly and effectively through a variety of writing styles. Learn to analyze and critically respond to content. Learn new skills like web publishing and video production, while refining your skills in areas like public speaking.

Go beyond pen and paper

The media field is strong, demanding, and visionary. With your editing, publishing, and digital media skills, you’ll graduate ready to take on a rigorous industry. With a passion for literature and teaching, you'll instill a love for literature, reading, and writing in your students.

Learning outcomes

English Education

With an English Education degree, you can share your love of reading and writing with students. Be prepared to teach a variety of courses such as literature, composition, and communications.

  • Have followed a specific curriculum and will have met appropriate performance assessments for pre-service English language arts teachers
  • Be able to adopt and strengthen professional attitudes needed by English language arts teachers through modeling, advisement, instruction, field experiences, assessment of performance, and involvement in professional organizations
  • Be knowledgeable about language; literature; oral, visual, and written literacy; print and non-print media; technology; and research theory and findings
  • Acquire and demonstrate the dispositions and skills needed to integrate knowledge of English language arts, students, and teaching

English for New Media

As an English for New Media degree holder you will be prepared to begin a career in the constantly evolving world of media. Learn the latest technology and digital media skills to thrive in positions like web writer, social media manager, publications specialist, and multimedia producer.

Upon completion of the English for New Media track for the BS in English, students will be able to:

  • Analyze and critically respond to a variety of texts, including both traditional, literary print texts and new media texts, including interactive texts, film, still images, etc.
  • Express themselves clearly and effectively in writing, whether creative or expository
  • Express themselves clearly and effectively in verbal discussions and presentations
  • Integrate elements of design to best serve rhetorical purpose
  • Create a variety of texts (traditional expository prose, hypertext, creative writing, etc.) that integrate multiple modalities into a verity of media (traditional documents, web-based texts and content, video, audio, etc.)
  • Identify or formulate an appropriate rhetorical framework to communicate effectively for the purpose and audience
  • Demonstrate critical thinking that is clear, insightful, in-depth, and relevant to the topic. To this end, the student can see, appreciate, and pursue conceptual connections among texts from across time, genres, cultures, and media

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