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Annual Research Symposium Winners

Dakota State University’s Annual Research Symposium* allows faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students to present research and scholarly activity to a large audience. The Symposium includes poster and presentation sessions by students and faculty from all academic disciplines. It also encourages interdisciplinary discourse, fostering enlightenment and discussion about a broad range of exciting research topics in a variety of different fields.

*COVID-19 has delayed our annual symposium and awards.


Impact of Social Networks on the Spread of Disease

  • Student Researcher: Alexis VanderWilt
  • Faculty Mentors: Mark Spanier, PhD, and Jeffery Palmer, PhD 

Computer Modeling of the Projectile Trajectory Through Fluid

  • Student Researcher: Samuel Drummond
  • Faculty Mentor: J.A. Maloney, PhD

Mastermind with a Deceptive Code-Maker

  • Student Researcher: Madison Krell   
  • Faculty Mentor: Mark Spanier, PhD


Smart Agriculture Beyond Industry: Analyzing the Future of Agriculture through Social Media Insights

  • Student Researcher: Martinson Ofori
  • Faculty Mentor: Omar El-Gayar, PhD

Effectiveness of Transfer Learning on Medical Image Classification Using Chest X-Ray 14 Dataset

  • Student Researcher: James Boit       
  • Faculty Mentor: David Zeng, PhD

Understanding the Influence of Digital Divide and Socio-Economic Factors on the Prevalence of Diabetes

  • Student Researcher: Loknath Sai Ambati     
  • Faculty Mentor: Omar El-Gayar, PhD, and Nevine Nawar, PhD

Undergraduate Research

Assessment of Multiple Solvents for Extraction and Direct GC-MS Determination of the Phytochemical Inventory of Mother-in-Law's Tongue (Sansevieria spp.) Extrafolier Nectar Droplets

  • Student Researcher: Hope Juntunen
  • Faculty Mentor: Michael Gaylor, PhD

Queuing Theory: Designing a Better Line

  • Student Researchers: Emily Ortmann, Laura Schuck
  • Faculty Mentor: Mark Spanier, PhD

Impact of Instructional Intervention on 7th Grade Mathematics Students Understanding of Proportional Relationships

  • Student Researcher: Jessica Dawson
  • Faculty Mentor: Kevin Smith, PhD