MBA Elective Courses 

A total of 6 credit hours of electives are required in the MBA program.

BADM 755 Organizational Behavior and the Human Resources Management Process (3 credit hours)

This course provides practical application of organizational behavior concepts and addresses how they affect employee motivation, group dynamics, communication, coordination, change, and adaptation within an organization. It integrates psychological and sociological concepts with the human resource management process.


BADM 360 or BADM 660.

BADM 768 International Management (3 credit hours)

This course focuses on the management policies and actions required in an internationally-oriented firm, with special emphasis on cultural, legal, and political factors that influence business operation in foreign countries.


BADM 360 or BADM 660.

INFA 701 Principles of Information Assurance (3 credit hours)

This course covers key bodies of knowledge and specializations in security, privacy, and compliance associated with enterprise information systems. The course explores defense-in-depth techniques of layering people, process and technology controls to secure the enterprise. Topics include information security law, ethics, security concepts and mechanisms; security technologies; authentication mechanisms; mandatory and discretionary controls; basic cryptography and its applications; digital forensics, biometrics database security, intrusion detection and prevention, anonymity and privacy issues for information systems. Emerging frameworks and tools are explored to complete the student’s foundational understanding of information assurance.

INFS 605 Information Systems Programming (3 credit hours)

Planning, coding, and testing computer programs such as Object Structures that can be used for business applications. Emphasis will be on Data Theory and programming event driven graphical user interfaces.

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