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Residency Requirements

College can be a huge financial burden, especially if you’re paying an out-of-state tuition rate. Establishing residency in South Dakota can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars.

In order to establish residency for tuition purposes, a student must live in South Dakota for 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the first schedule day of classes of the semester. This is according to the South Dakota Board of Regents.

Attendance at a college or university controlled by the Board of Regents (BHSU, DSU, NSU, SDSM&T, SDSU and USD) does not count in determining the 12-month period of residence.

SDBOR Residency Policy and Requirements

How do I apply for residency in South Dakota?

To be considered for South Dakota residency status, you can contact our Admissions Office.

(605) 256-5139

South Dakota Residency

Residents of South Dakota and their dependents may attend a South Dakota state institution of higher learning and pay a special tuition rate that is lower than the normal non-resident rate.