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That's the DSU equation. We're a four-year university with nationally recognized programs, cutting-edge facilities, and the brightest thinkers. But we're also a tight-knit, inclusive community. Small class sizes mean hands-on training and individualized attention. All this with an affordable, public school price that's among the best values in the region.

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Regardless of where you began your college journey, Dakota State University is the ideal place to finish it. Offering affordable tuition, personalized attention, and exceptional job placement rates, your DSU education will prove to be your greatest asset. We're eager to share more with you.

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Go to DSU's page on Transferology to see which of your courses will transfer to DSU!

Ready to get started? Awesome. Follow these steps see which of your credits will transfer to DSU:

  1. Create a Transferology account.
  2. Enter the school's name in which you obtained credit and when.
  3. Enter the course prefix and number
  4. Search for matches - select Dakota State University
  5. Look at Matches and Maybes

Seeing more maybes than matches? We can perform a transcript evaluation to determine exactly which courses are equivalent to your desired degree. Contact us at transferadmissions@dsu.edu. The DSU Tansfer Team will also be able to assist you with all the additional questions that you may have about becoming a future Trojan.

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