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Majors & Degrees

Cyber Operations Specialization

This National Cryptologic University articulation agreement is designed to provide students who have completed certain sponsored coursework an opportunity to more efficiently earn the DSU Master of Science degree in Computer Science (MSCS) with a specialization in Cyber Operations.

Students under this agreement may have up to 12 credits granted to be used towards the Cyber Operations specialization.

Students must meet all SD Board of Regents policies and university requirements for admission to the MSCS program, as well as all graduation requirements for the program. Two options for having credits granted are listed below along with directions on applying to the program.

Credit options

CYBR3420/CYBR3422 credit option

Twelve (12) graduate credit hours will be granted to enrollees who have completed CYBR3420 or CYBR3422 and have not previously obtained credit as part of an undergraduate degree program. Three (3) credits for CSC 786 Cyber Problems in the core and nine (9) credits of courses of Approved electives.

Note: If you have  completed RIOT, it may also be considered with review.

You will then have three credits remaining to complete the 15 credits of the Cyber Operations specialization, along with the completion of the five-course MSCS core. 

Per-course option

If you did not complete CYBER3420/CYBER3422 or you have already applied your credits from these towards an undergraduate degree, then you may be able to have up to 12 credit hours granted on a per-course basis. 

You may be granted credits for individual courses in the Cyber Operations specialization through the use of National Cryptologic University coursework (See Per-course Credit Table Appendix D of agreement).

To apply for the program, you should:

  • Apply through the normal DSU MSCS Graduate application process.

Military service school transcripts

Applicants may seek credit for certain service-based coursework as outlined in each specific articulation agreement. Each student is responsible for having his or her official service training record sent to:

DSU Registrar
820 N Washington Ave.
Madison, SD 57042


To have your National Cryptologic University credits accepted by Dakota State University, you may request a transcript by mailing a request to this address:

National Cryptologic University, ATTN: Transcripts
9800 Savage Road Suite 6801
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-6801


Email: transcript_requests@nsa.gov

Stephen Krebsbach

Stephen Krebsbach

Professor / Coordinator for Ph.D. in Computer Science Program


The Beacom College of Computer & Cyber Sciences


Office Location: East Hall
Phone: (605) 256-5838

Laura Cross

Laura Cross



Registrar's Office


Office Location: Heston Hall
Phone: 605-256-5144