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Proctor Information

Submission of online proctor form

A proctor is a person who will monitor a student as an exam is being taken. The proctor will make sure academic integrity is utilized. Instructors will determine if courses will need a face-to-face proctor for examinations. Please make sure to check the course syllabus or D2L regarding the proctoring of exams. Proctor forms are submitted one time each semester by the student. Students will be responsible for any proctoring fees, if applicable.

DSU online students using the SD-BOR Testing Centers will be approved immediately. Online students living in SD-BOR approved areas must use the approved testing centers. Students in the Madison area must proctor with DSU Proctoring Services unless the student is in high school. Students proctoring on-campus must make an appointment. On-campus proctor hours can be found in MyDSU Portal. Hours are subject to change. Extenuating circumstances need to be approved by the instructor.

If the student is in a location that does not have a SD-BOR Testing Center, he/she must arrange to have exam(s) supervised by an appropriate face-to-face proctor in the area. Refer to the securing a suitable proctor information below.  If a student chooses a proctor outside of DSU or SD-BOR Testing Centers, the proctor’s information will need to be verified. After submitting the proctor form, an email will be sent to the proctor to establish credentials. When the proctor responds to the verification email, they're confirming their information and agreeing to DSU’'s testing requirements. Following the proctor’s response, an approval email will be sent to the student, proctor, and course instructor. The instructor will give final approval by sending the student's exam information directly to the proctor.

Students taking a DSU online course will need to complete the proctor agreement form. This proctor form is not used for other institutions.

DSU may, at any time, request additional verification or an alternate proctor. The proctor services may be terminated at any time by any or all three active parties (student, proctor, DSU), with written notice to all parties involved.   

Securing a suitable proctor

Suitable proctors include:  

  • South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) approved testing centers
  • Active member of the clergy
  • Full-time faculty member of an accredited institution
  • Professional testing center
  • Professional educator - superintendent, principal, state-certified teacher, or counselor
  • Public librarian - libraries with nonbusiness emails may be used if the library has a website showing the email address
  • Military officer – higher rank than student
  • Human resource professional
  • Medical supervisor/managerial directors (HIM students working in a medical facility ONLY) 

Unsuitable proctors include:

  • Co-workers/Colleagues
  • Student's boss, supervisor, manager, employer, employee
  • Friends, relatives, or neighbors
  • Fellow teachers
  • Works out of home
  • Those with non-professional emails (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)  

When choosing a proctor, please make sure proctor information can be verified by a business website, online staff directory, or business card. The proctor's email must be listed on the company web page. If a non-professional proctor email is submitted, the student will need to provide documentation that the account is the proctor’s business email. 

Guidelines for online students and proctors are to be followed, to secure academic integrity. 

Proctor Guidelines

The proctor must follow strict guidelines associated with an examination. Any acts of academic dishonesty will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and may be ruled as cheating as stated in the DSU Student Handbook. Passwords and/or paper exams will be emailed to the proctor from the instructor. Please make sure passwords and paper exams are secured and only accessed by proctor.

Proctors should attempt to provide proof of the information stated below:

  • Ensure that examinations take place at a business/professional address and not a residential address
  • Check student photo ID/license to ensure the student is the person scheduled to test
  • Ensure that no copies of the exam are made
  • Ensure that the student does not access notes, books, internet, or articles during the exam unless the test specifies otherwise
  • Monitor student during exam continually
  • Time the test and stop the student when time has expended
  • Note any testing irregularities and contact the instructor and with issues
  • If a fee is charged for exam supervision, request payment from the student at the time of testing. Dakota State University will not pay proctor fees or mailing costs of the exam
  • Return exam within a 24-hour period   

SDBOR University Proctoring

Phone: (605) 256-5049
Address: 820 N Washington Ave., Madison, SD 57042 

Phone: (605) 642-6099
Address: 1200 University St, Unit 9078, Spearfish, SD 57799

Phone: (605) 367-5641
Address: 4300 Cheyanne Blvd, Rapid City, SD 57709

Phone: (605) 773-2160
Address: 925 E Sioux Ave., Pierre, SD 57501

Click here to schedule
Phone: (605) 626-2029
Address: 1200 S Jay St., Aberdeen, SD 57401

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Phone: (605) 688-4499
Address: 1100 College Ave., Brookings, SD 57007

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Phone: (605) 274-9550
Address: 4801 N Career Ave., #211, Sioux Falls, SD 57107 

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Phone: (605)-658-6143 
Address: 414 E Clark St, McKusick Center, #107, Vermillion, SD 57069